BSF Study Questions Revelation Lesson 28, Day 4: Various Passages for the Day

Summary of passages:  Various passages for the day.


7)  Part Personal Question.  My answer: 1 Corinthians 15:42-44: Our bodies will be raised imperishable, in glory, in power, and spiritual.

1 John 3:2:  We shall be like God.

Revelation 22:1-5:  There will no longer be a curse.  God and Jesus will dwell in the city and we will serve Him.  We will see God’s face and His name will be on our forehead.  There will always be light, never darkness.  We will reign forever.

It doesn’t give me hope and I’m tired of being asked this.

8 )  Luke says “in paradise”.  Philippians says “with Christ.”  All of these passages are vague at best.  See End Notes for a thorough analysis.  The results may surprise you.

9)  Personal Question.  My answer:  That it is eternal.  That it is paradise.  That Christ is the only way.  Relatives.

Asked same question:  Lesson 26 Day 2 & 3, Lesson 23 Day 5, Lesson 19 Day 3Lesson 7 Day 2, Lesson 13 Day 5, and Lesson 15 Day 4

Conclusions:  Hope again.  It’s as if I don’t have any hope so I have to be asked about it REPEATEDLY to find it.  I have hope.  Lots of it.  Can we move on now?  Again, sharing the gospel.  This lesson could be used in that seminar.

Question 8 was actually good and it’s obvious where BSF lands on this one.  Both sides have merit and I’m not a scholar so I go with my gut here:  our souls go to heaven first while our bodies sleep.  Unbelievers await judgment in a temporary location to await the Great White Throne room.

End Notes:  So I decided to find out for myself where people go who have died.   HERE is a great piece that actually dismisses BSF’s Luke 23 and why it’s not saying we go to heaven (which it doesn’t).  This SITE has so many bible passages it’s ridiculous, but the conclusions are the same:  when we die, we lie asleep in our grave until Christ comes again.

This SITE supports BSF’s assertion that we immediately go with Jesus/God, using the EXACT SAME passages BSF does to support this conclusion.  This one says the same thing HERE.  We go to heaven but await our physical bodies after the Second Coming.

So here we have two different beliefs.  1) Our body and soul lie in the ground, “asleep”, until Jesus’ Second Coming where both will be raised.  2)  Our soul immediately goes to be with Jesus while our body slummers and rises again at the Second Coming, where body and soul shall be reunited.

So which is true?  Both have biblical support.  Obviously, the latter is more comforting and is commonly taught at churches.  Here’s my view:  does it matter when?  I’m not going to worry about it.  For one, I’ll be dead and I have no control over it anyways.  And two, all that matters is at some point I shall dwell forever with God.

I have never heard of belief #1 before until just now.  It totally changes what I would think of death if I believed it.  Not sure if I do.  To me, it makes sense that God loves us so much He wants us with Him immediately.  So I think we all go to heaven and await for our physical bodies for the Second Coming.  Other thoughts?


10 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Revelation Lesson 28, Day 4: Various Passages for the Day

  1. I believe our spirit is alive and cannot live in a dead body. That is why it raises immediately upon death. Remember Paul when he was in third heaven he soul rose immediately.


  2. I am amazed at the amount of research you do, and thank you for sharing your insight. I perceive that the redundant focus on hope through this study frustrates you, but I wanted to offer the perspective that many are hungry for hope and cannot get too much. You asked the question above, “Does it matter when?” we go to heaven/paradise. While I agree that the important point is that we will, it matters very much to me because my son developed cancer at age 29 and recently died. I never obsessed about where my mom or dad or other beloved relatives are at this very moment, but with my child, I so need to believe that right now, as I type this, he is with Jesus in paradise. And I cannot get too much of the scriptures and assurances or hope right now. My head knows that if I get to Heaven and learn that David has been napping and arrives at the same time, it will be perfect timing (he did love a good nap!). But for now, my heart chooses to go with your belief #2; thus, I agree with your final conclusion that we all go to Heaven and await our eternal bodies for the Second Coming.


  3. I think I’ve heard Jehovah Witness’s tell me they believe that our body and soul lie asleep till Christ comes. It’s a Jehovah Witness belief which I am not and don’t believe.


  4. These sites help me understand and look at death differently. I too had always been taught our souls go to heaven. Not until I read the sites for more understanding. Thank you for posting, it has really gotten me to thinking, especially since now I have had 2 very close deaths recently.


  5. I have given this question a lot of thought over many years and believe the answer cannot be found if you ask when a saved person goes to heaven. Only God knows this and He has not spoken on it. The better question is what happens when a person dies who has already cut himself off from God. Since his soul is already dead, it has no reservation in heaven. So the lifeless body turns to dust after death and the severed soul either flows back into darkness [some call this hell] or becomes attached to Satan in the false hope of a continued existence as Satan’s minion. We know that this old earth is not God’s dwelling place. It is laden with Evil. Those who buy into Satan’s false promises are telling God to go away. Jesus offers them a way to come back to God. If they repent and come back they have a place reserved for them with Jesus in heaven. If they refuse to repent, their only hope is that Satan will take them in (ref the Parable of the Prodigal Son Luke 15:11-32). Satan makes many promises but can only deliver what God allows him to deliver. That does not include eternal life in heaven or on earth.


  6. The study is for many people and many of them still need hope, I know your more into God’s word but many aren’t. So please don’t be tired many are beginning their walk with God!!!!! Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2016 09:55:30 +0000 To:


    1. 1Thessalonians 5:23…Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ…Man has 3 parts: at death the body lays, but the soul and spirit are with Jesus. The Word says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. At the rapture, those dead in Christ arise first, their body reunited with the soul and spirit. Believers at the rapture will be instantly changed to glorified bodies.


  7. “It doesn’t give me hope and I’m tired of being asked this.” 😦 😦 😦 😦 maybe you should not be bringing forth your negativity upon other Christ followers because you might cause someone to stumble or a new Christian to doubt. Would you say this directly to God Himself, no you would not.


    1. You asked atozmomm if sh would say the things she said about the BSF questions directly to God. Then you answered for her. That sounds like you are judging her on God’s behalf. I cant speak for AtoZmom, but many of us agree with her assessment of the questions and are pleased that she spoke up. And I for one would have no problem talking to God about this issue. We are not questioning God’s Sacred Word. Weare questioning how it is being presented by BSF this year. AtoZmom has earned the right to do so by her many years as aBSF leader and her extra dedication to folks who read this blog. So i will turn your question back to you: would you want to explain to God why you berated Atozmom’s desire for BSF to present his Sacred Word in a way that does not talk down to sincere fellowship members?


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