BSF Study Questions Revelation Lesson 29, Day 4: Revelation 22:17-21

Summary of passage:  Let all come for the gift of the water of life say the Spirit and the bride.  A warning to not change the prophecy in the book of Revelation.  Jesus is coming soon.  Grace be with God’s people.


9a)  The invitation is to all to accept Jesus as Savior.  It is open to all.

b)  Personal Question.  My answer:  I am thirsting for Him more.  For His world here.  For His presence more in my life.

10)  So nothing is twisted to mean something else.  God wants all to know the promises for the believers and the consequences for the nonbelievers.  No sugar-coating going on here.  All need to know the Truth.  Whoever changes it, corrupts His word and leads others astray.

Conclusions:  I love the ending!  A final invitation to God’s world and eternal life with Him.  A reminder Jesus is coming soon.  And a prayer for us!  His grace be with us!  Awesome!

End Notes:   Is this an invitation to Jesus, asking Him to return? Or is it an invitation to those with a spiritual thirst to come to Jesus? Either sense is certainly true.  Isaiah 55:1 echoes this invitation.

All you need is the desire to have Jesus in your heart.  Come and God will do the rest.  There is no bringing anything to God or giving.  It’s HIM doing the giving.  All you have to do is accept.  This is the greatest invitation you’ll ever receive.

The warning is either Jesus, the angel, or John.  It is not clear who is speaking here.

God’s word is holy and must not be altered. 2 Peter 3:16 says those who do face destruction.

“Come, Lord Jesus” in verse 20 is a common Aramaic expression that was well known in the ancient church: Maranatha!  Should be our cry today!

Will the End Times be in our times?  Only God knows.  It is our job to be ready.  God has the rest.

Note:  it’s a cry for Jesus to fix the world.  Man cannot fix it.  It’s man’s fault the world is full of sin.  Despite our noble efforts, we are Fallen.  Only God can catch us and make us whole again.

The word of grace was used by Paul as well to sign off on his letters (1 Corinthians 16:23, 2 Corinthians 13:14, 1 Thessalonians 5:28, 2 Thessalonians 3:18).  In 2 Thessalonians 3:17-18, Paul indicated that this signature – no doubt written with his own hand – was a mark that the letter was genuinely from him.  John is greeting those who will soon be reading his testimony and praying for them as well.

The last verse of the Old Testament contains a curse by the Lord: “Else I will come and strike the land with a  curse. (Malachi 4:6).  The last words of the New Testament speak of grace–the saving grace of Jesus that saves and redeems.  The fading of the Old Covenant with the New Covenant.  A curse but a promise fulfilled at the end.

7 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Revelation Lesson 29, Day 4: Revelation 22:17-21

  1. Thank you for this blog and all the dedicated work you performed in preparing it. I find it quite helpful and informative and I sincerely appreciate it. Keep up the good work!


  2. What a perfect way of ending the Old Testament compared to the ending of the New Testament. The evidence of what Jesus did for us.

    It always amazes me how much there is in the bible that we miss. I had never noticed that.


  3. Couple of comments to Question #10 concerning the admonition of adding or subtracting from the words of prophecy. The book of prophecy is now complete and the Lord gives a most sober warning concerning what has been revealed and written. The danger is real as cults and their leaders add to this prophecy by stating they have received divine revelation such as Joseph Smith and Mary Baker Eddy. Adding to God’s Word as in v.18 is bad enough, but subtracting and taking away is even more dangerous as in v.19. This is what the liberal churches do by cutting out or explaining away portions of the Bible which offend their humanistic prejudices and evolution presuppositions.
    Both groups (cults and liberal churches) tamper with the Word of God, and thus the consequences are severe. Adding false scripture to true Scripture at least leaves some of the true Scripture with its saving gospel intact. However, trying to take away from the Bible will dilute or destroy its saving message and the truth of God’s Word. The liberal churches have diluted and distorted Bible truths that many times it appears with have a a swiss-cheese Bible with so many deletions. The liberal churches then, after all the subtractions, don’t really need a Savior — they become their own savior by their own actions and thus are destined to the Lake of Fire unless they repent.
    In conclusion, tampering with the Word of God has serious consequences. Thus the solemn warning declaring that nothing should be added or subtracted, as the Bible is the revelation from God. Rejecting the Word of God is rejecting God Himself. And those who deny His promises of blessing and subtract from His truths, will receive His judgment. One should be very careful in attending churches and places of worship that mishandle the Word of God. Always match what they say with the revealed truth of the Bible.


  4. I could not have done this study without you. I pray you will he\lp with John this fall, but nothing was as hard as Revelation Than you.


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