BSF Study Questions John Lesson 9, Day 5: John 6:34-40

Summary of passage:  Jesus declares he’s the bread of life and whoever believes in him will never be hungry nor thirsty.  He has come to do God’s will which is to raise up God’s people at the last day in eternal life.


11)  Material.  No because once again Jesus chastises them with “You have seen me but still you do not believe.”

12a)  Part personal Question.  My answer:  That God shall raise up believers at the last day.  Asking God into your heart and receiving the Holy Spirit ensures you’ll be among the last.  (Similar question on Lesson 4 Day 2)

b)  Personal Question.  My answer:  With Jesus my every need will be satisfied.  It frees me from fear to do His will even when I don’t understand it.  (Similar question Lesson 4 Day 4)

13)  Part personal Question.  My answer:  Jesus has come to give eternal life (life with the Father) to all who believe.  That is his fulfillment of God’s desire.  As I do His work, I am assured and content. (Similar question Lesson 8 Day 5)

Conclusions:  We’ve had many of these questions before.  Expect more repetitiveness in the weeks ahead.

End Notes:  This is the fourth question Jesus answers from the people in this scene recorded by John.  In some translations it says “always” instead of “from now on.”  The people still want material bread and they want it forever.

This is the first of the “I am” (ego eimi) in the Gospel of John and one of the most important.  There are 7 “I am ” statements (the number of completeness and perfection).  These echo the seven “I am” statements God says in Isaiah.

The bread of life may mean “the bread that is living” or “the bread that gives life”.  Jesus expands on verse 33 here by explaining what he means by the bread of God.  This is repeated in verses 41, 48 & 51.

Come to Christ out of your heart and desire.  That is all that is required to come.  It’s very simple like when someone asks you “to come here.”  That is what Jesus is doing here.

Coming to Jesus begins with God and all who come get God.  To do God’s will.  Mentioned by Jesus before in John 4:34.

This is an invitation to all believers and all in general.  Whoever comes willingly, gets God. Period.

True believers persevere because Christ holds onto them.

Fun Fact:  “The last day” expression is found only in John in the New Testament.  This probably refers to the day of resurrection followed by the day of judgment at the End Times.


12 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions John Lesson 9, Day 5: John 6:34-40

  1. For questions 12(b) and 13, I really like the verses that talk about the eternal security of the believer. That is, once saved — always saved. Verse 37 states that all that the Father gives Jesus will come to Him, and whoever comes to Jesus, He will NEVER drive away. Also verse 39 tells me Jesus will LOSE NONE of those whom God has given Him. These verses reassure the Christian that our eternal security is safe with the Lord Jesus, and I cannot lose my salvation because of Who He is and what He has done for me. He gave me my salvation as a free gift and then keeps me secure for eternity. What a Great God we serve!


  2. I’m not taking the class this year. I’ve taken John before, but I was thinking about joining you guys again in January, Now, I’m having second thoughts after reading this: Conclusions: We’ve had many of these questions before. Expect more repetitiveness in the weeks ahead. Funny!! Do you know which book they’ll be covering next year?


    1. I have no idea but I would guess it’s Israel Part 1 & 2. Everything got switched up with the addition of Revelation. And actually the repetitiveness of this study is MUCH less than last year. It’s a good study, much easier than Revelation. But if you’ve already taken it, unsure what to advise.


      1. The new schedule is John, Romans, History of Israel I, Genesis, Acts of the Apostles, History of Israel II. Romans is confirmed for next year via the website as is History of Israel I. Genesis, Acts, and History of Israel II are what leaders have heard but are not up on the schedule. Hope that helps.


    2. Our group leader has been posting the schedules of future courses, and she says that BSF headquarters is saying that Romans will be the study for 2017-2018 and the History of Israel Part 1 will be in 2018-2019. This is in the Northern hemisphere. If anyone has better insights and info, they can let us know. I agree with AtoZ that the study of John is easy and to me has been very productive. I really don’t care about repetition of questions — what I enjoy is the stimulation to study John and get into His word. Also AtoZ has given us excellent additional info in her notes. Also the BSF notes on John have been very informative.


      1. Thanks! The only two I’ve not taken are “The Minor Prophets” and “Genesis.” I really enjoy BSF, but I’ve not taken any study twice. Maybe I will in the future.


  3. These “Once Saved, Always Saved” believers had better be true believer. Remember …. five churches of seven in the Book of Revelation were told to repent by Christ or… well, I believe you know the rest.


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