BSF Study Questions John Lesson 10, Day 3: John 6:43-51

Summary of passage:  Jesus chastises the Jews for complaining and quotes Isaiah.  He further explains how he is the bread of life that will lead to eternal life and again references Moses and the Exodus.  All it takes is listening to God and belief in him.


5)  Those who hear the Scriptures (the word of God) will come to Jesus and be saved.  They testify about Jesus.  They are spirit and life.

6)  Only Jesus has seen God.  But in a way if you’ve seen Jesus (those walking around in 1st century Israel and saw Jesus) has seen God since God is in Jesus as the Holy Trinity.  If you are a believer, you have the Holy Spirit within (God and Jesus) as a guiding light.  He is always with us, strengthening us, guiding us, and doing His will.

7a)  Physical death and spiritual death.

b)  Part personal Question.  My answer:  If you believe in Jesus, you will not suffer spiritual death but have everlasting life.  My response is eternal gratitude.

Conclusions:  Take away:  Jesus is the only way to eternal life.  God will lead you to him.

End Notes:  Jesus here is teaching the Jews that all who come to him are drawn by God.  Remember the Jews at this time thought eternal life was a birthright.  It all starts with God.  We don’t come to Him.  He calls us and we respond.  The Greek word “draw” is the sense of alluring.

All those who belong to God are taught by God.  All those who listen to God will come to Jesus.

Jesus again insists upon his unique relationship with the Father, being the only one to have seen Him.

No other prophet ever made such a bold claim:  believe in me and have everlasting life.  This was shocking to the people at the time.  Believe meant to trust, rely on, cling to, and love.

Another famous “I am” statement:  I am the bread of life.  Bread is necessary for physical life.  Jesus is necessary for spiritual life.

We all feed upon something:  business, pleasure, entertainment, etc.  What do you feed upon?

The metaphor of eating and drinking was common in the Jesus’ time but is so universal everyone can relate.

This is not communion here.  Jesus is the bread.  Eat of him.

Jesus says he as the bread is his flesh that he willingly gives for our life.  He is alluding to his final work on the cross.

Flesh is a strong word here meant to grab attention.  Giving of flesh is death.

One thought on “BSF Study Questions John Lesson 10, Day 3: John 6:43-51

  1. RE Your Lesson 9 John 5a Conclusions: “Thought the personal side of question 4 was out of place. Not sure how studying the Bible correlates to Jesus telling the people to do heavenly works.”
    My answer. We feed on the Word. Jesus is the Bread of Life and He is the Word. He said, “My food is to do the will of the Father.” How can we work if we do not get vital sustenance and strength from food. By feeding on The Bread of Life we are equipped and energized to do “the will of the Father, that which is good, acceptable, and perfect.” Rom 12: 1-2. The other part of that scripture is about how we are transformed by the renewing of our minds. We can only be made into His likeness by feeding on His Word. ” Our endurance to finish the race comes from returning to His table and carefully, intentionally digesting all the goodness He offers. “All things are ready; come to the feast.!” Mt. 22:4 You actually said all this very succinctly in your conclusion.
    RE how I enjoy your take on the questions. It adds greatly to my sense of shared Bible study. My group this year misses so much often not getting deeper into the Word. It is the first year I have found this so frustrating. Also,I agreed with everything you said on the Revelation study, but I had a great leader and group that always found rich blessings in spite of the questions. I wonder if the notes were written by too many people with too little editing of all that repetitious input. I like the people in my group and get to enjoy excellent lectures.


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