BSF Study Questions John Lesson 10, Day 4: John 6:51-59

Summary of passage:  The word “flesh” did grab the Jews attention and began to argue how Jesus could sacrifice himself.  Jesus says whoever eats his flesh and drinks his blood will have eternal life at Capernaum.


8 )  The blood of the Passover lamb was the sign for God to passover their houses and not bring judgment on them.  It represents atonement for sins.

9)  The Jews ate the meat as the Lord’s Passover.  If the people ate of the meat and used the blood as atonement for sins, eating of his flesh and using his blood will atone for their sins as well.  Jesus’ was just forever, granting eternal life.

10)  Part personal Question.  My answer:  If you don’t eat and drink of him, you will have no life.  Whoever does eat and drink of him, will have eternal life and be raised at the last day.  You will remain in him and he in you.  Eating and drinking is what becomes a part of you, fuels your body, and grants you energy for life.  Having Jesus be my fuel, my energy, my everything encourages me to keep up the good fight even and always work for him.  It increases I believe little by little everyday as I see others struggle and suffer and life move on.

Conclusions:  Jesus says the same thing over and over again for us dunderheads:  eat of me and be saved.  A profound truth for all believers.

End Notes:  Scholars believe the Jewish leaders here willfully twisted Jesus’ words.  They are choosing not to believe him.  And we all know what those consequences are.  However, it was probable that some did take Jesus’ words as cannibalism.  Remember this is the time of Rome and barbarians.  These acts did occur and still do today.

Eating of flesh and drinking of blood also points to sacrifice.

Jesus is our food and drink.  When we truly receive him, he abides in us.  Eating and drinking is receiving.  We receive Jesus through faith.  We must actually take him in satisfy our hunger and thirst.

Jesus’ statements offended many.  They were meant to.  Jesus made his analogies stronger to emphasize his points.  He needs us to understand.

This whole conversation of the bread of life took place in a synagogue where Jesus was speaking no doubt on a Sabbath.