BSF Study Questions John Lesson 10, Day 5: John 6:60-71

Summary of passage:  Many of Jesus’ converts were offended by his bread and blood analogies and abandoned him.  Jesus, of course, knew this would happen because the Father did not draw them to him.  He directly asked the 12 disciples if they want to leave him too.  Simon Peter says no, they believe him, and besides, where else will they go? (Not the best logic here, Peter).  Jesus said he chose them but one of them is from the devil (Simon Iscariot who will betray Jesus).


11)  Part personal Question.  My answer:  The flesh (our physical bodies) will rot away.  Only the Spirit remains.

12)  Part personal Question.  My answer:  They were offended by Jesus’ bread and blood analogy and just couldn’t accept it.  Not similar teachings on the truth.  Teachings on the untruth, yes, have offended me and I won’t listen.  I just found a different church that spoke the truth.

13)  Part personal Question.  My answer:  Both agree there is no one else to turn to and God/Jesus is their refuge.  “God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”  There is no one else but God.  There is nothing on earth but Him.  I live and breathe for Him alone.

Conclusions:  I love here how Jesus knows everything.  How he knows who’ll reject him, but he never quits.  He faces it head-on.  What an example of power to follow.

End Notes:  Jesus’ words were hard to accept, not understand.  I think most people understand Jesus as the way, the truth, and the life.  But accepting that is what is the stumbling block for most.

Jesus offends and that is ok.  Jesus takes nothing back.  He keeps telling the Truth.  It will offend some.  Some, however, will see the light.  That is who Jesus is fighting for here.

Here was probably were many of his groupies realized the free stuff was going to end.  Following Jesus was much, much more.  Much more difficult and challenging and sacrificing.  Some preferred the easy life.  They are the ones who abandoned him.  Can you imagine?

Jesus says better to be offended now than when he ascends in glory to the judgement throne!

Jesus repeatedly emphasizes it’s the Spirit, not the flesh, that matters.

“From this time” could mean “because of this”

Scholars believe only the 12 were left standing.  Hence, Jesus asked them if they would leave as well.  This must have been excruciatingly painful for Jesus to see so many lost souls reject him.  Many would return.  But the point had to be made:  I’m not here to increase your wealth or ease in life.  I’m here for your souls!

Jesus asks the question with the answer “no” expected.

Peter speaks for the 12 here.  He calls Jesus “Lord”.  He recognizes there are no alternatives.  He realizes it’s about the spirit and eternal life.  He calls Jesus the Messiah or Holy One of God.

Jesus chose the 12 disciples (remember, he called them).  Devil is better translated as slanderer or false accuser.

There are Judases even today amongst God’s people who are in church undetected.  We must always be wary and never let anyone (nor them) cause us to stray from God’s path for our lives.

It’s bad when Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, calls you a “devil”.  Judas is a prime example of a man who let one sin lead to other, bigger sins–a trap all of us can get caught in.  If you take your sins to Jesus, he will forgive.  Don’t let shame and remorse overcloud you and lead to despair.  Nothing is too big for Jesus.

Judas was from Karioth, as we learn from all four gospels.  All call him Iscariot, which means ‘a man of Karioth’, which was a city in the southern part of Judah (Joshua 15:25), south of Hebron in the dry Negeb.  Map HERE

One thought on “BSF Study Questions John Lesson 10, Day 5: John 6:60-71

  1. Question 11…talking about the Holy Spirit here being the only One capable of giving eternal life. There is nothing that we (our flesh) can do…the Spirit does it all.


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