BSF Study Questions John Lesson 13, Day 5: John 9:35-41

Summary of passage:  Jesus heard what had happened to the man he healed and he hunts him down and finds him and asks him if he believes in him as the Son of Man.  The man believes and worships Jesus.  Jesus says those who see and do not believe in him are guilty of sin.


12a)  Jesus heard what had happened to the man he healed and he hunts him down and finds him and asks him if he believes in him as the Son of Man. The man believes and worships Jesus.

b)  Personal Question.  My answer:  The same.

13)  That the Pharisees who believe they can see the Truth and no not admit their blindness are therefore blinded to the Truth and thus remain in sin.  Those who admit blindness will see.

14)  Personal Question.  My answer:  He cares for every individual follower of his to the point he finds him and makes sure he believes.  He cares about what happens to every follower.  He defends every follower.  We all matter in God’s eyes.  He even cares for those who are Spiritually blind and tells them to admit their blindness and they will see.  He offers everyone another chance.

Conclusions:  Wow! How amazing that Jesus came back for the man–which is what he does for each of us.  He never gives up.  He cares for us.  He wants us.  How cool!

End Notes:  The man had been rejected by his fellow humans, but not by Jesus.  He calls the man to declare his loyalty and he does.  For that he’s rewarded with more information: you are speaking to the Son of Man.  It is unlikely that this took place in front of the Pharisees so there’s a gap in time here.

Jesus dealt with this man differently than most. He met his physical need first, then allowed him to endure persecution, then called him to a specific belief.  God works differently in different lives.

When the man worshipped Jesus, Jesus received the worship. This is something that no man or angel in the Bible does. The fact that Jesus accepted this worship is another proof that Jesus was and is God, and that He knew Himself to be God.

We see an increasing awareness of Jesus by the blind man:

· Jesus is a man (John 9:11)

· Jesus is a prophet (John 9:17)

· Jesus is my master, I am His disciple (John 9:27)

· Jesus is from God (John 9:33)

· Jesus is the Son of God (John 9:35-38)

· Jesus is who I trust (John 9:38)

· Jesus is who I worship (John 9:38)

This is a common progression to accepting Jesus into our hearts.

Jesus is coming into this world to draw a line in the sand:  choose him or suffer judgement.  He didn’t necessarily come for judgment (John 3:17; John 12:47), but his coming divides people which always brings a type of judgment.  Those who reject his gift end up blind.

Those who admit blindness will see.  Those who think they are spiritually sound and aren’t won’t see and are stuck in sin.

The Pharisees’ claim to sight showed their complete unawareness of their spiritual blindness and need.  And though they claimed to have sight their actions were evidence of their blindness.

2 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions John Lesson 13, Day 5: John 9:35-41

  1. Great comments by AToZ in her conclusion by saying “WOW”, and then she follows up in her end notes on the blind man’s progression of faith with Bible verses from John chapter 9! Great chapter on how God does the seeking and searching, and it is all for His glory! AToZ says it all in how God works: Jesus seeks and saves those who are lost. This is what makes the difference between a religion and a relationship. In religion man is seeking God and what he can get from Him, BUT in a relationship, God does all the seeking, and He sent Jesus (the God-Man) (100% God and 100% man) to search for us to give us an offer of salvation to live with Him eternally. What a great free gift of grace He gave us at Christmas over 2,000 years ago! It is truly amazing grace that the Sovereign and Holy God of the universe, the Lord of lords and King of kings, wants to have a personal relationship with mankind!
    Merry Christmas to AToZMOM and we all really appreciate her hard and diligent work to help us know God better through her commentary and blog. To God be the Glory!


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