Do You Ever Feel Like You Don’t Do Enough for God?

Lately, I’ve been feeling this.  Although I quit my job to be a stay-at-home mom again, to homeschool my kids, and to take care of my family AND to write novels for Him, it just seems like the day-to-day drags me down and when I go to pray at the end of the night and I review the day in my head, it seems as if nothing is done for Him.  Anyone else feel this?

Maybe it’s just because I feel like I have so much more to do than cleaning my toilets, emptying the trash, picking up dog poop, running my kids here, there and everywhere, etc.  Admittedly, I don’t get much time to myself and what time I do get I’m either here blogging or at my CrossFit box.

I have to tell myself, “I am doing His work,” like a mantra.  If I could remember that (and praying throughout my day), I think the mundane wouldn’t feel so mundane after all.  What do you all think?

21 thoughts on “Do You Ever Feel Like You Don’t Do Enough for God?

  1. You ARE doing His work. Homemaking and homeschooling are His work. I don’t know the ages of your children but of my 4 only 2 are left at home. They are 17 and almost 15. They are very independent young guys. So what I’m saying is persevere. Before you know it your children will be grown up and out. You will have more time to focus on things not related to the vocation of motherhood.
    My husband and I have had this conversation about not doing enough for God many, many times over the years. We always come to the conclusion that raising children that know the LORD and seek His will is what we are supposed to be doing. They are our arrows. They are our ripples. What we do at home and in our families is extremely influential. Actually we think we are quite unusual in the world today. We, and it sounds like you too, are doing what He has set before us and that is enough!
    Our small humanness doesn’t let us see the largeness of what we are really doing. Someday we will see and understand. We will realize our mundane lives are beautiful and making a difference for Him 🙂
    You might have too many things on your daily to do list. See if there are some things that are good but not best for you at this point in your life and let them go. Say no to so much running around. It’s hard to write if you aren’t able to be in your home. Actually I am preaching to myself here too 🙂
    I enjoy your blog. I am in a BSF class too.


  2. You do a lot for me. Your blog helps me with his word and that is a lot. We all have chapters in our life that are hard,you will have other chapters in your life that are much easier. Peace.

    Al Lietz


  3. You are not alone! Before a get out of my bed I start my devotional! Because I know if I get up I won’t do it! What a terrible feeling not having time for our Father and Lord! But He sees everything! And if we do it in Love I bet He is smiling in Heaven looking how you are so productive in all those things that He put in your life! I try to listen some podcast when I’m walking the dog so at least I’m listening the word of God! Thank you so much for spending time helping all of us with the Bible study!


  4. I agree with April. You ARE doing the Lords work in influencing, nurturing and raising your children!!
    I was a group leader for several years before I had my children. Once I had 3 sons in 3 years, I stopped BSF, home-schooled my 3 sons and just this year returned to BSF as a group leader since I’ve graduated all 3 sons! I was out of BSF for 20 years!
    I think you are on the right track……your children are your ministry right now!!


  5. You are serving your family. That is His work for you right now, just as it is mine now. I want so badly to start my own photography business, but don’t seem to find the time in between the mundane of raising my kids and doing the housework. It’s not the right time for it. Maybe it’s not the right time for you to write your novel. I find when we are having to force things to happen, then those things are not God’s things or we are not doing them in His timing. He has laid these passions on our hearts for a reason, and so i continue learning and practicing, so that when His time for it does come, I will be ready.


  6. Yes…yes…yes…
    And thanks for posting. You have a great gift of deciphering these difficultly worded questions as well. It helps me so much when I don’t have a clue what the question is even asking! Or am I just dense?


  7. I got this on my daily devotions today and it is so related to your question,

    As my heart delights in God, God’s will, and God’s purposes, I find an amazing truth at work: when I desire what God wills, God enjoys giving me the desires of my heart. An old hymn used the phrase, “’til I am wholly lost in Thee.” When that happens, when our will is yielded to God and our heart delights to honor him, then God is longingly waiting for us to request the desires of our heart so he can bless us!

    I wish that I could say that I do all that you do. I praise Him and thank Him through the day but it never seems like much. I want more of Him and although I know that more will never be enough.

    I know that every good thing i have has come from Him. We need the peace that passeth understanding. That is His promise to us..


  8. You have no idea how important your “home” job is and the effect it has on your family. It is the greatest blessing God could give them and I think you will feel the rewards later. It is through my grandchildren that I see how great it is and wish I could “do over” my time with my own children. God’s blessing on you all.


  9. Being a wife and mother which includes ALL the seeming mundane chores is the greatest we offer up to the Lord. Guiding, teaching, reinforcing God’s Word cannot compare with ANY other profession. God knows your heart. Don’t do a check list to see what you have accomplished each day. Offer your day and efforts in the morning to God and lay the labors at His feet at night. Truly ask HIM for peace and direction and HE will give you what you ask. DO NOT let this world interfere with what God has for you to do. As a grandmother I wondered about a few of these things as I helped with my grandkids and God has shown me to do what He asks and leave the rest to him. I may feel like I have let him down but if I have prayerfully done what I can, God will be honored.


  10. As a weekly follower of your blog I would like to respond to your concern. First of all, I feel the same way most of the time. I feel that it is a natural emotion when you become a BELIEVER and FOLLOWER of JESUS. I know for me I didn’t feel compelled to do all I can to serve the LORD until the day I gave up my selfish desires, humbled myself and accepted JESUS as my LORD AND SAVIOR.

    Now it is a BIG challenge to know my personal limits when it comes to saying NO to all the opportunities to serve the LORD without getting STRESSED or feeling GUILTY. Guilt will tear you apart. For me knowing that the LORD has given me tasks and responsibilities while I am here on earth, much like the responsibilities you emphasized, so I have learned to become disciplined in choosing the things I would like to do to serve the LORD. Doing our daily responsibilities can be a way to serve the LORD too. I had to learn even with all things in my daily living that the LORD has asked me to do, can be things we portray JESUS’ HANDS AND FEET everyday too..

    For me I know I will be able to do much more during the years when I retire from my full time work. But until then this thing called WORK just gets in the way at times. This alone is 1/3 of a day and sometimes even more, 1/3 is for sleep and most times it is less and the final 1/3 is for family, friends, some pleasure and serving the LORD and I wish I had more. That is a huge challenge to fit into 1/3 of a day. For me I have just learned to carefully choose my ways of extra serving as not to overwhelm my days, weeks and months. I feel the LORD knows not a single one of us can do all the things needed to serve the LORD and to get the GOSPEL spread throughout the world and that is why we must rely on others to step up and do their part. This will allow ALL of us to serve the LORD, not just a few so that the workload can be eased for each of us and allow some of us to take a step back and not feel GUILTY. When we all serve, we all love and more LOVE in this world is needed.

    So I end by saying do only what you feel are your limitations and convince others to serve. I know I would like to do more at times but I know I am not going to serve JESUS well if I am running only at 50%. I know many who take on many things to serve, but give only a small percentage of effort to each service. I would rather take on fewer ways to serve, along with my daily responsibilities and be able to give 100% to everything I do. To me that is good service to the LORD without the GUILT. I surely work in extra ways to serve JESUS as my body and mind tell.

    So right or wrong that’s my take. Thanks for all you do to serve, especially for the SERVICE you do through this blog. It has been a blessing to me and I am sure many others. SERVE WELL in all you do.

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  11. Just one more thing I have to add, Let us remember that we do not earn our salvation, it is a free gift from God. I do agree that once we are saved we feel compelled to do something to show our love for Him.. I think that is what James meant when he said ” Faith without works is dead”.
    Our actions speak louder than words but God knows our hearts.


  12. Forgive me but I haven’t read all the comments, so this may be redundant.

    Your mission field is with your kids. I used to feel the same way when my kids were little but it was such a blessing to be able to home with my kids. They are now 22 and 19 and love the Lord. They go to church on their own, which is something I never did once I left home and I grew up in a Christian home. They are not ashamed to profess Jesus or embarrassed to pray before we eat in public, etc. Our dinner conversations are politically incorrect.

    Please don’t listen to that word of discouragement of not doing more for the Lord. He has you right where He wants you. You are about His business. Your kids are the future generation, so teach them all day long about our Lord. You’ll never regret the fact you were home with them and homeschooled them, when they are ready to go out into the world. They may be the world’s only hope to share the Gospel and the Truth!


  13. I found this on my email today and thought about you.

    When discerning how we might best serve the Lord, it’s wise to consider our talents and characteristics and to sometimes say, “It’s not me.” God may call us out of our comfort zone, but He does so to develop our unique gifts and personalities to serve His good purposes. We honor His creative nature when we permit Him to use us as we are. —

    Auto you are using your talents every day. You are blessed.


  14. Know it is hard to be a stay at home MOM. Your writing has encouraged me to stay doing my lessons. I read all your comments. Sometimes I feel closer to you than my own group. I am now a retired teacher and miss not having littles around. Enjoy all the time you have with your kids, it goes by fast!


  15. You are doing God’s work everyday. Your daily posting of BSF lessons are a blessing to me and I’m sure to all those that follows your blog. So stop thinking that you are not doing God’s work because you are!!! May God continues to bless you and your family. Thank so you much for all the hard work you put in by making each lessons easy to understand and summarizing each passage for each lesson.


  16. It’s all too common for us to fall into the world’s definition of “good and productive” or being performance-based. During this study of John, I’ve had to step back and look at my heart motives for things I do, am compelled to do,want to do, etc. My identity for most of my life has been being a do-er – for the recognition it gives me. Ouch! I’m working at overcoming that because it’s not what God wants or desires. This study of John has made that difference.

    The lesson we had on abiding really hit home. I was always striving, trying to do the right thing, etc. But God asks us to first abide in Him – just like Mary did when she sat at His feet. Putting that first and really letting go of OUR to-do list. Earlier this BSF year, our TL said something about our personal holiness should come first, before everything else. That was a strange thought to me. But that thought coupled with abiding in Him has made a huge difference in my life. I’m more at peace because my heart is focused on God first, and then my abiding allows my actions for Him flow from a different place.

    I hope this makes sense. I’m not always able to express myself clearly. There is a good book out about this, too, but I can’t remember the title nor author at the moment.

    You are not alone in this struggle, but realize that the evil one is behind some of it – his distractions of trying to be performance oriented distracts from understanding that God doesn’t want performance. He wants us to sit at His feet so He can sanctify us before He tells us what He wants done with the time/resources/talents He has given us. I’d love to have an accountability partner in this area; as I said, I’m struggling to gain this new identity in Him.


  17. My husband and I are raising his great grandson and I AM CONSUMED with this. I see it as a ministry yet i am consumed and overwhelmed to the point that my once vibrant prayer life is so lame and limp.


  18. Sounds like taking care of your family is doing His work. And you help me to understand so much. You are feeding His sheep. I appreciate your example


  19. I think you are doing great. There is no other job anywhere that is more important than being a mother, a wife, and having a happy, loving home for your family to come home to. Believe me, the time will come when you will have all the “me Time” that you can handle.  I love and enjoy your blogs, and look forward to reading them each week.  I’m so greatful and thankful for them each week. Please don’t let Satan steel your joy.  That’s what makes him happy.While I’m typing this I’m reminded , “hey this is for youself as well.”Keep blogging, and praising Jesus.Blessings


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