BSF Study Questions John Lesson 29, Day 5: John 21:24-25

Summary of passage:  John says this is his testimony that he recorded and Jesus did many other things he didn’t record.


12)  John recorded these events in Jesus’ life so people will believe Jesus is the Christ, the Sone of God, and have faith in him and his name and thus receive eternal life with the Father.

13)  Personal Question.  My answer:  My faith has grown.  My depth of love for Jesus and God have grown.  My path is clearer.  My love is stronger.

Conclusions:  Why are we being asked a question that is not in this passage at all (question 12)?  Question 13 should be in Lesson 30.  Weak ending to the study of John.

End Notes:  We have been given all we need to know.  John refers to the ongoing work or Christ throughout the centuries–so much good it could not possibly be written down.  Awesome!

John, once known as the “son of thunder” in Mark 3:17 changes as he journeys with Jesus and becomes known as the apostle of love.  Scholars speculate that as John looked back and wrote these episodes of Jesus’ life that these are the ones that convinced him Jesus was the Son of God.  As we journey with God and Jesus, we change as well.  We grow, we expand, we deepen, we love.

I hope you all have done all of this and more throughout this study.  Have a great summer break and I’ll see you all in the Fall for the Book of Romans!

8 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions John Lesson 29, Day 5: John 21:24-25

  1. I was a GL for the first time this year and feel led to not continue being a GL and just be a participant. BSF is a wonderful study but the dedication it takes to be a working woman and a GL is overwhelming at times. Thank you for your guidance and help with the “what are they talking about” questions!


  2. Thank you for sharing, it has made the study richer and given me such a wider perspective. Also, sometimes I don’t know what the question is asking, and your guide has spelled it out, looking forward to Romans, have a great summer!


  3. Many thanks for the opportunity to study alongside of you. You have given me clarity many times when I did not understand the question, or its purpose.


  4. Thanks very much. Hope your summer is very productive and everything work out for you and your family. You are the reason I stayed in the Gospel of John class, because of your enlighten to some of the questions. You and your concerns are in my prayers. ” What you make happen to others God will make happen for you Eph 8:6″ Looking forward to Romans.


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