Prayer Requests for Week of April 23rd, 2017

Hey all!

If you have a prayer request or praise, please post a comment below or email them to me at and I’ll get to them ASAP.

For my husband: prayer for a job where he is wanted and appreciated and where he can grow.   Prayer for me as I seek a new career.  Also, prayer for my writing. Pray for healing for my back in perfect manner.

God bless and take care!


8 comments on “Prayer Requests for Week of April 23rd, 2017

  1. katie parker says:

    My sweet 8 year old granddaughter is having major back surgery on Monday. Please, pray for guidance for the surgeons and peace for her family.

  2. atozmom says:

    Cristina Requests:

    Please pray!!!

    A bit over an hour ago, I found out that my aunt Fatima’s daughter, Claudia Chamorro, and Claudia’s family have been burned and are hospitalized. I do not remember Claudia growing up, but my aunt Fatima is a dear and loving aunt.

    Claudia married an Egyptian many many years ago and she, her husband (Haled Soleiman, and their 3 children live in Buffalo, NY in a muslim community. Claudia converted to Islam. They live on a 2nd floor apartment. He jumped first and is broken. He was catching the kids as she tossed them down. Claudia is in an induced coma because her brain is swollen she inhaled a lot of carbon monoxide in her system. No more info is available.

    They are at Erie County Medical Center, 462 Grider St, Buffalo, NY 14215. If you know of a church or chaplains or have Christian friends in Buffalo, please forward this info to them. I will update regarding the hospital name. My aunt is a believer and a member of my mom’s church (where my mom has been a member since we came to US in 1980).

    My aunt is flying tonight. They lost everything so my aunt is bringing them clothing. Please pray, pray, pray.



  3. Betsy says:

    Please pray for my sons and also for my husband & I, We have arthritis & I have b/s problems also. Thank you for your prayers! God is so good and remember He never sleeps or slumbers. We can always call upon our Lord! His line is never busy! Betsy

    • Judy says:

      Betsy: For arthritis, try Boswellia and curcumin with black pepper. Boswellia is Indian frankincense and really relieves aches and pains.

  4. atozmom says:

    Joanne Requests:

    My daughters’ and my new home and relationships; our health and safety esp when traveling.

  5. atozmom says:

    Yvonne Requests:

    That my relation with my daughter will find help and know we trust the father to get us through these time of emotional distance and we can find our way back to each other. Lord I’m asking to mend broken hearts.

  6. Carolyn says:

    Pray as we consider selling our home and moving to Placerville area after 42 years in the same house.

  7. Sharol Hansen says:


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