BSF Study Questions John Lesson 30/Lesson Review


Day 1:

1) I learned more how much God loves me by sending His one and only Son as a sacrifice for me.  God’s love for me is infinite and I’ve learned just how hard that is to grasp.  Like any thing that grows me closer to Him, I try to live my daily life and actions according to His will.  I’ve tried to remember how much He loves me, especially in the bad times.  I’m sure I will have more clarity on the minute changes in my life as the years progress.

Day 2:

2) I learned I needed Him more than I thought I did.  I just think my faith is stronger in Him than before.  I also learned to trust in Him more as He is the conductor and I am merely a player in my life.

Day 3:

3) I look for Him more.  I talk to Him more.  I pray more before I do something.  I’m more compassionate towards others.  I’m trying to love others more as Jesus commands us to do and have more sympathy for others in my life.  I desire Him more.  I desire Him to do His will in my life more.

Day 4:

4) I think I understand him more and appreciate him more.  I love him more.  I understand suffering more and the purpose behind it.  I am more accepting of what happens to me in my life because of the trials in Jesus’s life.  I try to be more compassionate to others because of him as well.  More understanding.  And just be there more for others as well.

Day 5:

5)  While I cannot say for sure as I am not omniscient like God, I do believe He plans to prosper me and do His work while preparing me for the future and leading others to Christ.  I have started a new blog based on one of my other passions.  I may have a new job that is much more flexible for my family life and has the potential to be more lucrative.  I am sure He wants my kids in school as they age and mature.  And I continue to write my novel.  Slowly but surely.  And one day I’ll be a published author.  He has great things in store and I can’t wait!

Day 6:

6)  It’s not just during the study of John.  It’s all the time.  I want to tell them how God is good and true and faithful and He is there and His plan is to prosper you as you become more like His Son, Jesus Christ.  God is working, all the time, whether you see it or not.  Have faith!  All of my family needs to hear this.

Final Thoughts on the Study of John:  While I enjoyed this study, I’m glad it’s coming to an end.  I was unable to attend most of the lectures due to a schedule conflict with my children.  They were unable to attend as well because of this schedule conflict.  So that was disappointing.  I know I didn’t get as much out of this as I normally would have but at this stage in my life I did what I could and you all helped me with your comments and being faithful.  Hence, my proposal for lectures available online.  I attend a night class and it’s late both for me and the kids.  Having this as an option would be amazing!  And does it really matter if more people would listen at home?  I don’t think God cares.

Usually BSF asks a whole question on the kids’ program and how it affected your kids.  This year it seems more like an after thought.

I enjoyed my group this year who pushed me to dig deeper into God and His word.

My answers seem trite for Lesson 30.  For me it’s hard to quantify how God has worked in my life when the changes are so very small.

I am looking forward to the break.  To reading some good books and writing one.  To listening to God’s voice in my life this summer.  To hearing Him speak.  To finding a summer bible study.  To watch Him work in my life even when I don’t understand it.  God is good!

Have a great break and see you all in the Fall!

10 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions John Lesson 30/Lesson Review

  1. I so enjoy reading your messages and greatly appreciate the time, energy, commitment, and patience you so faithfully demonstrate.  Thank you for your mission, your service to thousands of us, your passion for all things Christ-centered, and your love for your family.  Will be upholding you all through the summer and continue praying for you, your husband, and children.  God bless!


  2. I don’t attend BSF study at this time, however, I still receive and your appreciate your study answers. God Bless you, have a rewarding time out. God is Good


  3. The truth is BSF does record the lectures. In my class’s case, video. But it is only made available to GL’s, CL’s & admin. I am not speaking for BSF, but I believe the thought is making the lecture available on line would adversely effect class attendance. The interaction between group and class members is one of the great benefits of being part of BSF


    1. Jim-I agree 100%. Without the interaction I have had with my group members I think I would have parted with BSF after the Revelation study last year. While I found much of the Lesson material disappointing, the members of my group provided much insight into a part of the Bible I had mostly avoided. I should point out that this was a very diverse group and included recent converts, Southern Baptists, Methodists, a Catholic and an Anglican. Our group leader was an attorney and skilled in helping us share our personal views on the message in Revelation without disrespecting the views of others. Without this kind of respectful interaction, BSF might become just another arm of the major denomination in the area it serves.


  4. Thank you for all your comments. It has helped me to understand the book of John. Looking forward to hear from you on the book of Romans.


  5. Agree, wish lectures could be posted online. I understand why they don’t know, but they could compromise and at least post them during the summer.


    1. Great suggestion! If they already have the Lessons recorded, posting them at the end of each year would provide good refresher courses and be useful to promote interest for the coming year. I found it helpful to review my notes on The Life Of Moses BSF Class two years ago. It gave me a better understanding of the symbols John uses in his Gospel. Without understanding the Jewish concept of a lamb being a sin offering, John the Baptizer declaration of Jesus as “the Lamb of God” would make little sense.


  6. Thank you for your input and sharing. May you and your family have a wonderful summer. Many blessings and God bless.


  7. Dear AtoZ Mom…..thanks for your efforts. At times when I have too many irons in the fire and fall behind in my bible studies, I know there is AtoZ to bail me out as I read and study the word. I am retired now, but both my dear wife and I seem to be busier than before. I have prayed about writing several books. By a process of attrition through the years, I have slowly discovered how much I love to write. This did not come easily, back in high school and college I did everything to avoid having to write and was stuck in bone-head English early in my college days. Then something changed very gradually. When working as a software engineer in Cupertino, Ca people started complimenting me on my explanations of software functions. Engineers typically acquire bad reputations in failing to convey complex engineering structures to understandable English. Long story short, I later enjoyed being published in a number of newspapers around the country in various’ letters to the editor’ and then progressed to writing Op-Eds locally.
    I struggle, as you may have as well, with does God want me to write about him? I have taken 5 to 6 courses in biology through the years and have studied several books on evolution and Darwin. I am convinced now of God’s hand in all creation and I want to write a book on it, but from a science view of it. My aim is to call attention to people that have turned away from and rejected any hand of God in our astonishing complex web of life on this fragile blue orb floating in space. Everywhere I look, I see the complexity of structures within each creature, plant and microbe that cannot be explained by some random process arising from primordial ooze….not anymore than software programs I wrote back in the day….yes….our world screams CREATION.
    I need to stop. But I ask myself, as you probably have, is it me that wants to write such a book or is it God?
    Have a joyful summer AtoZ Mom….God Bless You.


    1. Tony- I have had a very similar experience. Started out as a Language teacher in Public School. Retired as a Systems Integration Engineer in a Blue Chip SW company. Once there were enough dots in my timeline to begin connecting I realized that I had not accomplished anything. It was all God working through me to accomplish his Plan. Technical Writing played a major role in my success as well. And I struggled with the same question. MY ANSWER: It is both. If I had no interest in writing, God would have no way to plant that seed in my thoughts. And everything I wrote prior to this point has been prelude to my thoughts about God and Salvation. The ability to share those thoughts with highly educated non-believers in a way that does not turn them off is, I feel, the reason all those dots are beginning to connect. What I see now is not a trail of dots but a mosaic of my place in the Body of Christ. It is evolving to maturity in a way that will awe both Theologians and Astrophysicists.


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