There is No Denying God after Witnessing Totality…

My kids and I drove over 2 hours to see the total solar eclipse yesterday.  It took us 11 hours to drive home.  But it was worth it.

The total solar eclipse has to be one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen.  The moment of totality, when you can look at the Sun and see it’s corona, and see the sky go completely black.  It’s priceless.  No one can deny God after such a sight.  To have the Sun and Moon line up just right.  A tiny Moon block out a huge Sun with the power to lower temperatures and cast the earth into darkness.  And witnessing the power of the Sun re-take over the Earth as the Moon moved out of alignment.  It was worth every last second I sat in traffic.

God, thank you.  Thank you for showing your power and goodness yesterday and giving us such a special sight and memory.  2024 here we come!

Total Solar Eclipse


7 comments on “There is No Denying God after Witnessing Totality…

  1. Elizabeth Ganaway says:

    What an AWESOME GOD we serve, none other like HIM. He is the only true and living GOD!!!

    Total Eclipse; The Grand Canyon; Air to breathe; Sleep; Waking up; for anyone who doubt the existence of GOD….

  2. Becker, Mary Jo says:

    It was amazing. We couldn’t quit talking about it. My work let us go out and watch the entire event. You are right no one can deny God after seeing it.

  3. jaforse says:

    I agree…we had same travel issues but wow, the witness of Gods work!

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  4. Gloria James says:

    Where did you travel to

  5. Lissette says:


    O Lord, what happened on that cross
    That changed the world, changed history
    You knew there was no other way
    That was the price You had to pay

    We now the Holy Spirit have
    That’s what You paid for, Thank you God
    A Comforter to guide us through
    My life has changed because of You

    O Lord, what happened on that cross
    You opened up the way to God
    His presence now comes from within
    That curtain tore, I can go in

    I am so filled with gratitude
    Where would I be without the cross
    The pain, the suffering, you went through
    How can I make it up to You?

    O Lord, what happened on that cross?
    I can rejoice

    Now I’m not lost.

    How great thou art, How great thou art!!

    Lissette Trahan

  6. […] would not trade for the world. A very beautiful life in a very beautiful planet earth (of which the eclipse reminded all of us is such a gift from God). One Princess Diana vanished from when her life ended […]

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