BSF Study Questions Romans Lesson 1, Day 3: Romans 1:8-10

Summary of passage:  Paul thanks God for the Romans’ faithfulness.  He says how he prays for them constantly and he prays God will allow him to visit them.


6)  God through Jesus.  He was grateful for the faith of the Romans.

7)  Personal Question.  My answer:  Serving goes hand-in-hand with prayer.  Prayer should be in the forefront of all of our lives and the decisions we make.

8a)  He prays to be able to visit them by God’s will.  Paul does visit them although as a prisoner.

b)  Part personal Question.  My answer:  God answers prayers and it may not be in the way we envision but it’s in His way.  I always ask.  No matter what.  If you don’t ask, God doesn’t answer (Matthew 7:7).  I pray for the impossible and expect the impossible but am not disappointed if it doesn’t happen cause it is in God’s will.  I have faith He’ll do His work through me.

Conclusions:  Great lesson on prayer and gratitude.  Paul is grateful and thankful.  He prays for the prayers answered, people, and prayers he wants answers.  Great prayer model!

End Notes:  Paul is especially grateful because of the visibility of the Roman church.  Rome remember is the most powerful place on the planet.  A strong Christian community goes a long way toward the spread of the good news.  In Rome, where the pagan Roman gods ruled, the Christians were strongly persecuted especially under Nero.  They needed Paul’s prayers!

A lesson to us:  remember to pray for your church as well!

6 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Romans Lesson 1, Day 3: Romans 1:8-10

  1. Just a quick comment on Question #6 as to whom Paul thanked: Notice that he states MY God, not just God. I believe it is important that we realize that we serve a PERSONAL God, and can say MY God, MY Father, etc. Most other religious groups, ie. Moslims, cannot say MY God because their God is a distant God, and they do not have a personal relationship with Him.
    Also as AToZ states above, God does answer our prayers, BUT it is in His time and in His way that will bring honor and glory to Him.


  2. We are starting on the 14th of Sept. Thank you for your input, I enjoy reading your notes and you do encourage me to want to be closer to My God.


  3. We started this past Weds, the 13th. We will be having some changes to our fellowships but we sang hymns and met first as a large group, same as past years. (Centreville, VA)


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