Poll on Posting BSF Lessons…

Hey all!

I have had one request to post Lesson 2 now instead of next week.  This gal lives in Hong Kong and is a week ahead of us.  I’m wondering who else needs Lesson 2 now?  Please leave me a comment below.

If there is sufficient response, I will post all of these on Saturday morning and going forward will be a week ahead. Also, tomorrow look for a post on BSF changes and what you all think!

Thanks and God Bless!

PS.  Prayer Requests will return on Sunday.


64 comments on “Poll on Posting BSF Lessons…

  1. Diana Suri Lee says:

    Needed with thanks!

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Andy Hawkins says:

    I think it is a great idea

  3. jane Lockerman says:

    Sounds great to me!

  4. Teri Waggoner says:

    I am grateful regardless of how you choose to do it. It would be helpful to me to have all of the week posted together.. The lady from China may have a point because it seemed somewhere later in last year’s study I was off with your schedule.

    Thank you for helping me understand the lessons more deeply.

  5. Hk says:

    Me too
    We are one week ahead, needed with thanks

    Hk bsf class

  6. Scott says:

    Yes I would love to have the week advance also. But thankful however you choose to Bless us.

  7. Eve says:

    Hi there, If you could post the lessons ahead of time that would be great.

  8. Lee Stokes..O says:

    Can I still sign up for the online lecture? Lee

  9. Lilly says:

    We are a week ahead, too. It would be wonderful getting Lesdon 2 this week. Thanks for your afford!

  10. Tom Payne says:

    Would really appreciate a week ahead. Your end notes are so valuable for context of each lesson.

  11. Rebecca Osborn says:

    I never thought about BSF students living in different areas of the world and their needs. Sure, post them on Saturday to help others. Regardless of when you post them, I thank you for sharing them and helping me to get a deeper and clearer understand of our God’s Word.

  12. Marilyn Sebby says:

    OK with me.

  13. Thomas Haley says:

    Thank You, Posting early is fine for me.
    Tom H

  14. Russell Kim says:


    I would keep it one week at a time concurrent with the US studies

  15. S Wood says:

    Early would be great!

  16. Carolyn Girardeau says:

    Thanks. Would love to receive posts one week in advance. Carolyn Girardeau

    Carolyn Girardeau


  17. John Kaylor says:

    BSF is changing to the good for example Virtual hass issued lesson 4 as of last week; clear copies for Adobe, etc. Although BSF has not finished Podbean lecturers by Teaching Leaders I assume some classes like Hong Kong will have their lectures on line a week or two early. Virtual will be great for not only Africa but remote islands like Micronesia and remote cities everywhere on the earth. I am pleased that they are finally going after 7.5 billon people instead of being happy with 500,000. When are you going to have a AtoZ Commentary of the Bible?


  18. Phyllis says:

    I don’t need it ahead of time and doubt if any BSF’ers in the US do. Unless they’re going to be away. Thank you for all you do. It’s greatly appreciated.
    Phyllis, Daytona Beach Fl

  19. fran barnett says:


  20. christ2014 says:

    Yes, I am ok with whatever you choose to do…..I am so grateful for what you do. How can I get lesson 1 day 3, I never got that?

  21. bjt1950 says:

    My name is Beverly J Thomas, my email address has changed to 1950bjt@gmail.com effectively immediately. Thanks

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  22. gee says:

    I am grateful with whenever you choose to post. At this point, what you post works well for me. If you post Lesson 2 to accomodate…that’s ok too!

  23. Elizabeth says:

    Posting ahead for others is thoughtful and generous. Thank you for all you do to help us grow in the Lord.

  24. Marty McCrimmon says:

    It is fine with me if you have the lessons early. I only look at your posts after I have completed my study of the lesson for additional insight – it’s like you’re in group study with me. Thanks for all you do.

  25. 2star24 says:

    I very much prefer having the lessons early. I am 70 years old. My brain was taught to read the chapter first and then answer the questions about the chapter. This is my best way to solidify and maintain/apply what I have learned. BSF was like ;this when I started about 8 years ago. Read the notes, answer the questions that correspond with the notes you just read; discuss answers to the same notes; hear lecture on the same answers and notes. BSF changed to answer questions that apply to the next week’s notes that you have not read yet. I was told by one of the leaders that the idea is to let God lead you in your answers. God leads through prayer and our belief and trust in Him. God lead me before too. Everything came together much easier for me the old BSF way. I think for new Christians it may be true too. Anyway, I thank you immensely for Commentaries and I always follow your reference links. They are so very helpful. I sincerely appreciate you.

  26. SANDRA HENRY says:


  27. Vicki says:

    Hello! I have enjoyed your daily devotional this summer. Thank you so very much!! I would also like to have the lessons early. I am traveling quite a bit this winter and will miss class. Thank you again for all your posts and insight.

  28. William C Gilles says:

    It really don’t make a difference. Thanks for all the information. Bill

    Sent from my iPhone

  29. Peggy German says:

    I too have enjoyed your summer devotionals…I passed them along to my children. It would be nice to have your take on the questions early, they are helpful.

  30. Caroline Jackson says:

    Please post lesson two. Thank you.

  31. I too am very grateful for all the hard work you do to provide your evaluations and commentary towards each of the BSF studies. The timing is not that big of a deal to me, although if you were a week ahead for most, that makes reviews by folks for a whole lesson “in advance” a little bit easier…..for those that work ahead when they know they will miss a week of class (like I do). My girlfriend and I both participate in the Atlanta, GA area and thanks to blustery storm IRMA, our BSF introduction to RECEIVE Lesson 1 will now happen on Mon/Tue Sept 18/19. Not sure if we will “double up” on Lesson 1 & 2 to get us caught up with the rest of USA or not……I suppose we will find out next week.

  32. Marlene Petit says:

    I also need Day 2 for Lesson 1. Thank you for your lesson posts – very helpful!

  33. gdkingjr12 says:

    Please do. I like your form and insight. 

  34. Joe says:

    I am thankful that you take the time to post the lessons without fail every week. I appreciate the extra insight you provide. My group spends most of the session sharing their answers to the questions so we have little time to diverge. The little insights you provide keep me interested in the lesson beyond the info BSF provides.

  35. I think it’s a great idea….Thank you

  36. Carolyn says:

    It is fine with me to post early if it helps someone else.

  37. Randy & Me says:

    Yes, this would be great! You do so much for us followers what ever you do and how you do it will be ok with me and my wife.
    Blessings to you and your family,

  38. tolly2015 says:

    Ok To send to me a week ahead! Thanks Sent from my iPhone

  39. Oden Latham says:

    I need lesson 2 – we will do 2 lesson next Monday

  40. Jain Byi says:

    It would help me a lot as well. It seems like our class is one week ahead of yours. Thank you very much for sharing the answers. God bless you.

  41. Risa says:

    I’m still on lesson 1 but if you’re willing to help out those a week ahead, God bless you.

  42. Sandi says:

    Yes please send. You do such a fabulous job🙏🏻. Thank you

    Sent from Sandi’s iPhone


  43. Maria says:

    Im here in Miami without power Please could you send again the lesson 1 and 2? I will appreciated the good work you are doing For all that can’t participate perdonally You are an Angel from above María E Gutierrez

    Sent from my iPhone


  44. Laura Colpo says:

    Hi, we started yesterday so I do not need. Thank you!! Love love this site. Praise the lord!

  45. Henrychu-MHPC says:


  46. Dean says:

    I attended BSF for 15 years
    it ‘does’ need to change
    I enjoy my devotional BSF reading your blog
    thank you

  47. Kris Hutfless says:

    Whatever is best for the most.

  48. Brooks says:

    Thank you, early is better as I have a crazy study schedule with bursts of study time only to evaporate into crisis crunch times..

  49. Rob Oakley says:

    Ramping ahead on lesson 3 here in korea!


    I’m good either way!

  51. Barbara Whitley says:

    I would appreciate you posting it ahead a week.
    Thank you for all your help. You have explained things and given us end notes that has helped me understand the Bible better.
    You have been a blessing!

  52. Joan Campbell says:

    Tampa beginning class has been delayed to next Thur due to hurricane. We do not need week 2 yet.

    Sent from my iPhone

  53. David Baker says:

    I would love to have next week’s lesson on Chapter two, This really help me learn more about Romans than I’ve have ever learned. Thank you

  54. sueannrowat says:

    I’m fine. I live in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Thanks for all your help. Sue-Ann

    Sent from my iPad


  55. act640 says:

    Hi, We have just started, so I guess we have started late. I have been following you for a very long time. I check your site because I need to see if I am understanding what they want or what the question is asking. There have times when I have been way off and by reading your answers it helped me understand the question and helped me to explain it to some of the ladies that were just as confused as I was. I would prefer Lesson 2 and all of them.
    You have been a blessing to me…….When we first did Romans you helped me alot……I did not speak or share in the class cause, I do the lessons by myself first and then I come your site if I am having trouble with any of the questions. Romans scares me, I don’t know why but I have tried to read Romans four times and I don’t get very far until I quite. It’s very complicated to me –It makes my head hurt. Revelation use to do the same thing but I hung in there and now I love Revelation. Thank you so much for your time and all that you do.

  56. Clinton says:

    Being a winter Texas, just returned missing the first week. Thank the Lord a good friend of mine picked up the first lesson for me. Concerning getting the lessons piece meal, what ever you all decide is fine with me. I do love being able to get the entire week at one setting. My favorite time to study is from around 2 in the morning. I love to ponder the questions taking my time letting the Lord speak to me. Oh how I love BSF. Along with my KJV Bible, I use a Dake translation which is much deeper in answering difficult questions. Thank you and God Bless you all!

  57. Robin says:

    Now would be great!

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