BSF Study Questions Romans Lesson 2, Day 2: Romans 1:18-20

Summary of passage:  God is angry at those who suppress the truth about Him.  Since the creation of the world God has been known so there is no excuse to deny Him.


3)  According to Webster’s Dictionary, wrath means “strong vengeful anger or indignation; retributory punishment for an offense or a crime; divine chastisement.”

Man is suppressing the truth of God through wickedness.

4a)  Part personal Question.  My answer:  All of creation is amazing.  Only an omnipotent being could design a world where everything fits together and has a purpose–from ants to eagles to mankind.  Nature always instills an appreciation for what God has done for me, a gratitude, and a desire to go deeper with Him.  When speaking with unbelievers, this verse is a go-to.  All you have to say is “Look around.  How do you explain what you see?”

b)  We can’t learn who God is completely.  We can’t learn his wrath at sin.  His purpose for mankind in His Son, Jesus.  We can’t see his justice.  We learn this through the Bible, prayer, and study of Him and who He is and His Son is.

5)  Part personal Question.  My answer:  According to Webster’s Dictionary, suppress means “to put down by authority or force; subdue; to keep from public knowledge; to inhibit the growth or development of.”  I’m unsure of this question as I don’t think I’m suppressing any truth about God or Jesus.  This would be a question more for unbelievers unsure if God is God.

Conclusions:  This is one of my favorite passages in all the Bible.  I hate excuses and this is the ultimate excuse.  If you don’t see God in nature and all around you, you still go to Hell if you don’t believe in Him.  The whole created world reveals Him.  I blogged about this a long time ago HERE  God is angry all the time when man is evil and denies Him.

End Notes:  God’s anger/wrath is righteous anger.  It is not man’s anger which is motivated out of jealousy and selfishness.  It is the greatest peril facing mankind.

Great definition of wrath by Murray:  “Wrath is the holy revulsion of God’s being against that which is the contradiction of his holiness.”

Paul speaks of salvation in this letter.  But what are we saved from?  Many things but most importantly the wrath of God which we rightly deserve.  His goal is to show the absolute necessity of God’s plan of salvation for mankind.  We all sin and we all need God’s righteousness.  We’ll see the Gentiles (Romans 1:18-32), the Jews (Romans 2:1-3:8), and everyone (Romans 3:9-20).

Godlessness is man’s offenses against God.  Wickedness refers to the sins of man against man.

Every truth revealed to man by God has been fought against, disregarded, and deliberately obscured.  He reveals His wrath.  It’s not limited to the end-time judgment of the wicked.  Here we see God abandon the wicked to their sins.

Besides creation, God has planted within the heart and mind of every individual the spark of Himself.  It is when we reject Him when we know He’s there that leads to no excuses.


3 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Romans Lesson 2, Day 2: Romans 1:18-20

  1. A couple of comments on Question #5 regarding “suppress the truth”: I took the word to mean ignore and resist the truth of God’s Word. People refuse to respond to the evidence, as they know the truth of what sin is, but they still reject it. In our society, the most common way today is the renaming of old sins. For example: What God calls adultery, fornication, and illicit sex, our society has renamed and suppressed the truth and we call it “a meaningful relationship with consenting adult or living together.” Homosexuality is now called “alternative lifestyle.” Abortion is called “elective termination of fetal tissue” and our acceptance of it is called “being pro-choice.” Being a drunk is called “social drinker” even though he/she drinks all day long. Promiscuity is called “kids just want to have fun” or “sowing their oats.” A liar is just a person with a “vivid imagination” and covetousness is just “keeping up with the Jones.”
    I could list others, but the point is made that God sees and names something as wrong or sin, and we then suppress His truth, and give it a new name for an old sin! We suppress these sins because a Holy, Righteous God will hold us accountable for these sins that we love and rename. Man has always loved darkness more than the light of God’s truth.


    1. I love what you have written and we are one week behind because of the hurricane in our BFS area. Question 5 asks where I fall short in following the truth in God’s world. Naming the ills we see is not answering and all of us fail short. I will give personal examples; not condemning homosexuality – too many people I love fall in that life style, not helping people who have addictions, other problems rather condemning and looking the other ways. I need to remember to pray with any one not just those I feel connected with. ALL of us fall short in some way


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