Prayer Requests for Week of September 24th, 2017

Hey all!

Please either email me ( or post your requests in the comments below.  Feel free to post praises as well.

Mine: Prayer for my husband and his new job.  Prayer for me in my job situation.  I feel like God is calling me (again) to do something else.

God bless and have a great week!

17 thoughts on “Prayer Requests for Week of September 24th, 2017

  1. Praying whatever God is calling you too, you will answer the call. Believing that your husband will excel and prosper on his new job and be a blessing to others.


  2. Maria Requests:
    God Bless You for helping us in the Bible study!
    My prayer request is Please pray for so many lost souls that are in need
    But they are not interested in look at Jesus and change their lives.
    Pray for President Trump! So he continue to acknowledge God and His protection!
    Pray for this wonderful Nation so we comeback to God.
    What is more important that live in a Nation depending of God?
    This is a time of reflection and God is giving all of us an opportunity to comeback
    To Him, and be obedient.
    Thank You so much


  3. I crave prayers for my sister the baby of our family. Although she is 62 years old, she’s the baby of our family. She recently was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She is looking ground quickly. She’s unable to keep food down and just small sips of fluids. I’m praying for God’s mercies to take her home sooner than later. She’s ready for the pain to end. Thank you.


    1. Prayer for your sister. Terminal illness is so difficult. I pray, too, for you as you walk this path with her. Knowing this expected outcome, I ask for less time rather than more, so she is free of pain.


  4. I have submitted my poems to several periodicals. Most publishers do not accept just 21 poems so please pray that God gives me more inspirations. I need at least 50.
    I am hoping Christian periodicals might use them, even if just one at a time. I am new at this, have no idea how to go about it but I know that it is God’s will to get my poems out there.
    Please pray for me to get in touch with the right persons to help me.
    Thank you.


  5. First I’m thankful to God for you and your insights, your historical information and your willingness to share yourself with the world! Second, I ask for prayers of continued strength and healing for my mother Jeana who is undergoing Chemo/Radiation/clinical trial drug to eradicate brain cancer. She is feeling the effects of the extreme fatigue, feeling a “loss of control” over her life, and losing the smile she had earlier in the treatment. Praising God for the surgeon(s) who removed 98% of the golf ball size tumor and for the therapists trying to help mom get back to a more “normal” life. Thanking God for the caregivers (which include many of my family) as they give the gift of their time to my mom. Praying for additional help and relief as we continue this journey with my mom for the next 7 months. Thank you.


    1. Having gone through that level of treatment the discipline of managing response to it is the challenge. The fatigue can be debilitating. She knows the timetable. Best to just take it a step at a time until it’s all done and she can reclaim her normal life.


  6. Joanne Requests:

    Present land person be cooperative and responsive; smooth transition moving

    Daughters be discerning in their relationships; Praise, our health, and daughter’s marathon in two weeks.


  7. please pray for our Senior friend, Sam who has trouble walking . Please pray that he will sleep better at night and be stronger soon. Also pray for my granddaughter who is struggling with her senior yr. college courses. She will be a good Christian teacher if she can complete the needed courses that are difficult at this point. Thank you for your prayers! May God Bless all of you wonderful prayer warriors!


  8. Debra Requests:

    Still can’t get this legal
    Order at bank resolved
    They have froze my account .
    Have called every number they gave me to call and no one knows anything !
    They have froze $ 4400.
    they said it was the state
    The state has nothing!
    No taxes owed , no wage garnishment it’s a mystery
    Need a miracle !!
    Please God !
    Thank you in advance
    Back to bank tomorrow !


  9. Several times I have requested prayers at this forum for my son Robert to find a teaching position in Austin, Texas – those prayers have been answered and he starts teaching 5th grade today (Monday, September 25th). We are happy for him. Please once again give praise to our Lord for this fulfillment, and for Robert’s success with the children in his class – may they work together in harmony with the Lord’s help and blessings +


  10. Shannon Requests:

    Good morning

    I will definitely pray that God clearly directs your and your husband’s paths regarding jobs.

    My prayer request is the same for this week

    That God would heal the relationship between my college age son and his dad. That my husband ( his dad) would love his son as God wants him to and works
    To provide counsel and guidance. That my son would drop his rebellious attitude and understand that he is accountable and want to work with us. And, that if
    It is God’s will, that our son graduate from TCU.

    Thank you,


  11. Pamela Requests:

    A young girl who is coming to me with confusion of her sexuality we are taking a trip to NY soon and I pray I have time to share with her in a loving way the scriptures. She believes in God and goes to church. Very committed to the praise band and yet she has this conflict she has confided in me. Pray I have wisdom. Thank you.


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