I Am Proud of ALL of You!

I’m sitting here, reading Romans 5:12-14 about how all of us are born in sin through Adam and thus suffer death.

For some reason, my mind went back 7 years ago to my first blog post about Bible Study Fellowship (I’ve come a LONG way since then!).

I want to say I’m proud of you.

It was rough that first year.  I was the first person to “blog” or “post” my answers for all to see.  I was called many, many names.  I can’t tell you the number of times I was told I “was ruining BSF” and how “BSF is not meant to be this way”.  One lady (whom I had to permanently delete from comments from my blog) would lambaste me repeatedly about what a terrible person I was.  I shed many a tear over my decision to do this.

But you all have hung with me, creating such a warm, inviting environment for others.  And I am eternally grateful.

This year with all the changes BSF has done I know in my heart it is partly because of you all on this forum. You all posted your thoughts, your suggestions, your ideas–and BSF has listened!  They saw the success of this forum (and the need).  They saw you!

Now, those who are home bound can finally have a class to call their own.  Or those who live hours from a class can finally get a copy of the notes online.  Can attend a satellite group nearby.  Can hear a lecture whenever they want. Can leave comments on Facebook.  Spread the word about God with a click of the share button.

All because of you!

That’s something to be proud of!  Those who need God’s Word most now have access.  And, yes, BSF is not the only place to study the Bible, but it is one of the best bible studies in the world.

BSF now has notes in Chinese and Spanish.  BSF is focusing on young people and people in developing worlds.  They are using social media to reach more and more people (fascinating article HERE in Christianity Today on BSF). People who are hungry for Christ.  And you all have a contribution to that!

We all must change or evolve or we die (we die anyways as Paul points out in this Romans passage).  And I am so grateful BSF has changed along with the times, so it doesn’t die out.  So many need God now more than ever!

Thank you, thank you, thank you all!  I wish I could give each and every one of you a hug!

Two things I would like to ask you to pray over:

  1. If led, please give to your BSF class.  You can do it HERE on their website either to BSF in general, to specific areas, or to your class where a portion goes to your host church and other localities. BSF operates solely on donations and every penny counts.

2) If led, you can donate to my blog/writings as well.  There’s a donate button on my sidebar.  That money goes to supplement my income so I can continue this ministry.

God bless each and every one of you wherever you are at in your journey with Him.  He knows.  He cares.  He listens. He hears.  He loves.  He works.  All for you.  Amen!

33 thoughts on “I Am Proud of ALL of You!

  1. Many thanks and blessings to you for seeing the need those many years back and taking the initiative to try something new. Change always brings derision from certain quarters, but being strong in faith and not being fearful, has brought about some good changes that were not foreseen initially. Thank You ~


  2. I have to give You thanks, because of Your persistent I was one of the lucky’s one to participate On the satellite one class! Thanks to You I will be learning deeper the Book of Romans! I been trying to find and listen how to go deeper in the Bible, and finally Poor the persistent will of one! We all benefit from it Thank you so much I appreciate Your persistent will.

    Maria E Gutierrez

    Sent from my iPad 



  3. Thank you for sharing your post with others who need a little extra guidance in understanding the questions. Right answer vs knowing the right answer as we grow in His Word. Thank you for your foresight and action in helping others.

    Before you started your blog, and before most current apps for the phone, I would send out the Scripture Reference verses for each of the lesson questions to allow people to reference their study lesson at home or work. In some environments we were not permitted to carry or open the bible at our workplace, so this was my work around plan to help others study God’s Word.


  4. It us mentioned that the Notes are on-line and lectures can be gotten to on the Christianity Today article but I dont see it, can you share how to get to it? Thanks, Bruce


  5. You have been awesome in what you have answered in every question. Some of the questions stumped me and I have been a Christian for a long time. Thank you for what you have done. May God bless you as you study and share His Word.


  6. I thank God for you and your blog. If it was not for you, I probably would have dropped out of BSF a long time ago. You helped me to be me. I realized that it was okay to answer questions in the way I felt. In the beginning I thought I needed to answer questions like everyone else & I had a hard time. Now I know I can be myself, I understand the lessons better; and, I have a better interpretation of the Bible. Thank you!!!!


  7. Wow!!! Thanks for sharing the article. You have been a blessing to many. To be able to get the notes and to listen to the lecture is a big step for BSF. Thank you for your persistence. May God continue to guide you as we study and learn the book of Romans. May God bless you and your family.

    Mary Simons


  8. Thank you for hanging in there even when it seemed bleak. I must confess that if it weren’t for the insights and info I found on your blog I would have parted company with BSF after the Revelation series. May God bless you and your family as you continue your efforts.


  9. I’ve appreciated having a different resource to look at while I’m doing my BSF. My first year was 8 years ago with John. and I just love it! I went to a private Christian school k-12 and had Bible class every day. I really missed that in-depth study after I graduated. Plus, my teens are in public school and the corporate study they do on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening just aren’t enough. The teen youth group seems to be set up for the baby Christian, while BSF is definitely not.

    Sometimes our conclusions or points of view on issues are vastly different, but you approach them in a non-confrontational way that helps me understand a more conservative perception. Thank you very much!

    In Him, Laura


  10. I love your blog!!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart. When I first started BSF five years ago I was afraid to take that first step. Your blog helped so much.


  11. I’m thankful for your blog on the topic of BSF! The links to maps and articles add much to the lessons. Any time we serve our LORD and share the gospel, Satan will rise up and try to attack us. I think you were brave and forward thinking to share your lessons with all of us, and I pray you will be able to continue to bless us in this way.


  12. I love your blog. I was excited to read that we can get a copy of the notes or listen to the lecture on line. But I cannot find anywhere in the BSF site that I can get either of those things. Help??


  13. Dear AtoZMom

    How can I enrol to BSF this year on Romans? I always like Romans but it’s a heavy stuff for me, so I want to enrol. How do I do that & do I get the notes too online, that would be fantastic? I look forward to hearing from you. You are doing a fantastic job, well done, carry on. I thank God for you for sending me this AtozMom, I understand a bit better, but it’s a pity, i don’t have the question, so I can’t understand some of it, some I can decipher what is going on as I read along the chapter in the bible that you are all studying.

    May the Lord bless you & your family Teresita Chew (Tessie for short)

    my email address is tessiechew@hotmail.com


  14. I am so grateful to you that in the beginning you did not let the abusive person sway you from contributing. Thank you for your guidance and insight over the years. I have been following you since the beginning.
    Thank you, too, for sharing the article about BSF, its direction and changes….very interesting. It mentions that the notes can now be obtained on line but does not mention how to get them. Do you know?
    I try to get to my group each week but sometimes miss getting the notes. It would be so nice to have access to them.
    Again, thank your for your love of our God, Christ and your dedication.
    Blessings, Carol


    1. The only way to get the notes is to sign up for the virtual class, which I did but apparently BSF is having issues with this so the notes are not that available right now.


  15. I think this is the way it’s meant to be.sharing our love of God and how this bible affects us. I love seeing other opinions makes me look a little different.you’ve are an inspiration and a huge help when my brain is like sludge.thank you for sharing in all areas. Blessed


  16. Thank you so much for all you do!! I do believe God reaches more people and more people everyday and uses every way possible, even you through this study! I’ve been on your site for the pass 3 years. It has been a blessing and a challenge learning more about God and HIS Son Jesus. Thank you for helping in my journey. I pray Blessings over you and your ministry. Thank You!!!


  17. I just discovered this blog and I am so thankful for it. I’m new to BSF and am still trying to figure out why we are answering questions to something we haven’t studied yet. I don’t understand this concept. I read above that the notes are available to us. I followed some of the links posted and it only gives an option for enrolling in a class or a virtual class. Can we enroll in both? It would really help me to read the notes prior to answering the questions. It would just make better sense to me.


      1. Thanks! It still doesn’t make sense to me though. It seems as if we are doing things a bit backwards! I am going to stick with it but I would love to have the notes in advance.


  18. I forgot to mention that I am enrolled in a class but that doesn’t seem to give me access to the notes. Any insight into this matter is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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