Prayer Requests for Week of November 5th, 2017

Hey all!

Please either email me ( or post your requests in the comments below.  Feel free to post praises as well.  I love hearing these!

Mine is the same as last week’s: Prayer for my husband and his new job.  Prayer for me in my job situation.  I feel like God is calling me (again) to do something else.  I’ve been applying for jobs so pray God puts me where He wants me.

Please keep these requests coming.  I feel God wants us all to pray more for each other.

God bless and have a great week!

9 thoughts on “Prayer Requests for Week of November 5th, 2017

  1. Christine Requests:

    I need prayers for my health – bursitis on hip and heart issues, And I am grieving / with guilt over the passing of my Wonderful Mother. I appreciate your prayers. I will pray for you. Thank you , Christine


  2. James Requests:

    I need all the prayer I can get. I wrote you quite a long time ago and God has answered my prayers to some extent. My scoliosis has started to twist my spine even more and my ribcage along with it. Please pray for a miracle. God told me I had to go back because,as He said, “you haven’t finished the ride” when I died in the OR here in Austin. I need relief from pain and the feds are making the medications nigh on impossible to get.
    There is a whole generation of us who need pain relief and opioids are getting very hard to get. I’v tried every type of pain relief short of severing my spinal cord. Thanks for listening.


  3. Please pray for my family. My niece who would have been 37 next week died by suicide one week ago today. She was bipolar and was in a deep dark depressive state when she took her life. She was a single mom to an absolutely precious autistic 12 year old boy. It’s hit our family so hard and my sister is really struggling emotionally and spiritually. She has physical limitations but wants to raise this young man. The family feels the boy should live with his daddy who loves and wants him. The son and my niece had been living with my sister since the boy was a baby. The dad has always stepped up and the boy lived with him two different times for almost three years total. This young man needs stability and predictability, but my sister is afraid of being alone. I’ve told her this is not about her but about what is best for the young man. Please pray for comfort for all of us, especially for my sister. Please pray for God’s hand of protection over this young man, and for wisdom for everyone who will have input over this child’s future. Please pray for spiritual awakening and healing for my sister as well. Thank you so much.


  4. Bless you “Mom” you have been a blessing to me. Such a give with words! I do pray for you and your husband. Trust in the Lord always.

    Phoenix Sue


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