Prayer Requests for Week of November 12th, 2017

Hey all!

Please either email me ( or post your requests in the comments below.  Feel free to post praises as well.  I love hearing these!

Mine is the same as last week’s: Prayer for my husband and his new job.  Prayer for me in my job situation.  I’ve started another part time job from at home that I would like to turn into full time.  I’m also having car trouble and feeling a bit overwhelmed in life right now.  Pray for peace of mind for me and success in my home business.

Please keep these requests coming.  I feel God wants us all to pray more for each other.

God bless and have a great week!

11 thoughts on “Prayer Requests for Week of November 12th, 2017

  1. *For GOD to make a way where there seems to be no way.  Give us wisdom and guidance, no fear, and provision*5 year old Layla succumbed to cancer Saturday.  May the peace of the LORD be with this family. *OUR country. *Prayers for Sutherland Baptist.  Sending sympathy cards as a way of encouraging them… P.O. Box 115, Sutherland Springs, TX  78161. Tammy SchusterSchuster Construction and Design682.478.6777 Steve: 817.905.2574  


  2. Prayers are needed for the broken-hearted. Our Loved ones are being taken from us daily by cancer and evil ones who care nothing about the lives of others. May God give us strength to over come the sadness that we all feel and replace the sadness with peace and joy. Amen <


  3. mommytq Requests:

    First, I want to say thank you for this blog. I have been following it for several years now. I appreciate a lot of your insights with the questions and use it as a spring board when doing mine. It’s another layer that helps me with my study!

    I am praying for your husbands job and your desire to with your job.

    Here is some background to my prayer request: I have been asking the Lord to please help my family find concise answers on what is causing my 15 year old daughter’s nausea which has led to a spiral of other issues. She is seeing a Gastroenterologist and a Gynecologist. Based on testing, both doctors think it is related to her menses. She is on a birth control pill which has helped a little bit. Today, she told me she started her period (early again this month — she’s been having twice a month even on the pill). A few days before her menses, her nausea becomes daily and she becomes very argumentative, moody(PMS).

    She has been dealing with this since April, so 7 months now. It has made her more anxious and depressed and last week she talked about not wanting to live anymore because between her nausea and stress in her life. She sent me a text last week from school asking for prayer because of suicidal thoughts. She has an appointment to see a Christian psychologist tomorrow. Her dad and I had a talk with her and we’ve been in prayer together with her also.

    With all that being said, my prayer request for my 15 year old daughter is that the Lord will bring people into her life with answers and that she can see these answers as coming directly from Him.


  4. Healing in my marriage and with my adult step son. Husband says he wants out of the relationship after 24 years. We all had a agruement that instantly escalated.
    I’ve acknowledged my role and apologized but his heart is very hard right now. Please pray wisdom, healing.


  5. Please pray for my BF of 6 years. He recently took a position in another state. Please pray that things will work out the way God chooses and not us!


  6. BSF is a God sent blessing for me. I am very inspired by the prayer request and comments of how God answers prayer. Please pray that my granddaughter Katera get a job soon, and that she will appreciate God and the BSF prayer warriors for the blessing.


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