BSF Study Questions Romans Lesson 13, Day 5: Romans 8:14-17

Summary of passage:  Since we are God’s children, we are heirs of God and Christ and share in his sufferings and glory.


11)  We are Christ-like.  We are heirs of God and Christ and share in his glory.  We relate to God as Christ did.

12)  Part personal Question.  My answer:  God knows what we need before we ask. God values us.  He disciplines us so that we can share in His holiness, peace, and righteousness.  We are loved and like God.  God has provided me with everything I need and more.  He cherishes me and takes care of me and loves me.  He grows me.  He walks with me and holds my hand and picks me up when I fall.  God is there always for me.

13)  Personal Question.  My response:  I don’t doubt God’s love.  I don’t understand it, but I know He loves me always.  With Christ, we are with God forever.  There is nothing to fear.  Only love.

Conclusions:  Overall, Lesson 13 was weak with repetitive questions.  Paul repeats himself a lot here and BSF would have been better not spending an entire lesson on these 17 verses.

End Notes: Living under the law brought fear.  Paul says now we are in close kinship with God and call Him Abba!

In the Roman world of the first century AD, an adopted son was a son deliberately chosen by his adoptive father to perpetuate his name and inherit his estate; he was no inferior in status to a biological son.

Under Roman adoption, the life and standing of the adopted child changed completely. The adopted son lost all rights in his old family and gained all new rights in his new family; the old life of the adopted son was completely wiped out, with all debts being canceled, with nothing from his past counting against him any more.  Hence, Paul’s listeners would have completely grasped what a privilege this is and its meaning.

Jewish law stated that at the mouth of two or three witnesses everything had to be established (Deuteronomy 17:6). There are two witnesses to our salvation: our own witness and the witness of the Spirit.  We know if we’re God’s children or not.

In sum, we relate to God as Christ did since we are in Christ.  Awesome!

6 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Romans Lesson 13, Day 5: Romans 8:14-17

  1. I’m weeks ahead. It takes me exactly one hour a week to do each lesson. Back in Miss Johnson’s day and the two women who followed in her footsteps, I spent at LEAST an hour a day in preparation. Add the prep that I also did as a leader and I was spending almost 20 hours a week.
    My friends tell me that as a group leader and children’s leader, I did more than others but I don’t believe that. I’m out of leadership now and I know my current group leader is wonderfully prepared and committed. Times have not changed. The culture has always been a cesspool below the surface. It was in the days of Jesus and it is now. The difference I see is now the public tolerance of the cesspool in the culture. It’s a sad day when the women inside a BSF classroom aren’t living any differently than the women outside.


    1. Hey Sweet Mama!

      Good to hear from you!

      I, too, am weeks ahead. I started BSF with Isaiah and I remember how challenging it was and how much longer it took me to read the notes (which were longer) as well, do the questions (there were usually about 20), and study.

      There’s no denying BSF has changed. It’s how you react to it. We are now on our own to study the Bible (and maybe that’s what God wants). BSF is merely a jumping off point. For me, it’s the accountability (and you all) that keeps me in. Every week I have to open my Bible. That’s what I need to stay next to God.

      Find what you need from BSF.

      Sweet Mama, I miss hearing from you! Email me with updates in your life!!!

      Take care!


  2. I find that BSF is changing – they say it’s to attract the younger ones (which is important ) but I too prefer the more depth study! I am not fond of all the “how does this make you feel” questions !
    I sometimes think they need a light study’s and a traditional one – and I am trying to embrace the new – but don’t want them to weaken the importance of Gods word !
    Also the fact that perhaps instead of changing and lightening up everything – trust God to bring the people in – with hearts open to receive the word and trust Him to give that that yearning to do more !
    I love BSF … just don’t want it to be fluff !
    Thanks for your continued work & posts! Always good to read !


    1. I agree. If the Bible were intended to “make us feel better about ourselves” then it is no wonder so many avoid trying to understand it. Fact is that the Bible is only effective when we consciously try to unlock its Truth for our life. If we begin our study while still holding on to our sinful nature, then it will make us feel bad and discouraged. But if we begin by shedding our sinful nature and trying on new garments of a spiritual nature, then we will realize a Joy that no earthly pleasure can give us.


  3. Question 11. A. Given a new name, a new identity, a new purpose for living
    brought into a new family, become a child of God along with other believers
    given all the benefits, i.e. inheritance, privilege, attributes,
    Given a new home, leaving old life behind.


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