Prayer Requests for Week of December 3rd, 2017

Hey all!

Can you believe it’s December?  The celebration of Christ’s birth is almost here!!!

Please either email me ( or post your requests in the comments below.  Feel free to post praises as well.  I love hearing these!

Mine: Prayer for my husband and his new job.  Prayer for me in my job situation.  I’ve started another part time job from home that I would like to turn into full time.  Pray for success in my home business and God’s blessings.

Please keep these requests coming.  I feel God wants us all to pray more for each other.

God bless and have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Prayer Requests for Week of December 3rd, 2017

  1. Darl Requests:

    Thank you for your blog. I enjoy reading it daily.
    We are in the middle of a job change which involves a long distance move. We need to sell our current home, find a new home, and move ourselves by the end of the month.
    I know God is in the business of miracles, but we could use some prays.
    For the sale of our current home.
    He gives direction in the right new home.
    He gives us strength and peace in the journey.
    Wisdom in the new job.
    Thanks in advance for your prayers and continued prayers your way.
    May God bless your work and life.


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