Prayer Requests for Week of December 10th, 2017

Hey all!

Please either email me ( or post your requests in the comments below.  Feel free to post praises as well.  I love hearing these!

Mine: Prayer for my husband and his new job.  Prayer for me in my job situation.  I’ve started another part time job from home that I would like to turn into full time.  Pray for success in my home business and God’s blessings.

Also, a friend of mine’s niece died this week in a tragic accident on a school ground.  She was 6 years old.  Please pray for him and his family.

Please keep these requests coming.  I feel God wants us all to pray more for each other.

God bless and have a great week!

4 thoughts on “Prayer Requests for Week of December 10th, 2017

  1. Judi Requests:

    I go to BSF in St Augustine, FL.
    I have been diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer. It is very small, and the known part was removed. Now I need to decide what treatment to undergo. Seeing Oncologists.


    1. I will pray for you Judi. My brother-in-law just had an operation for colon cancer.

      When will they find a cure for this terrible disease? One advance I notice is that if caught on time there is a better chance of a cure.

      Prayers do make a difference. I know many of us will be praying for you.

      The hardest part is the waiting.

      My experience has been that when I have gone through the hardest times in my life, that is when God’s presence has felt the closest to me.

      I will pray Judi, and you will get through this. Your tears will turn to joy.


  2. Please pray the holy spirit will work on my children’s hearts and draw them closer to a relationship with Christ. Thank you and God Bless! Ginger


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