Announcing Google Translate on My Blog!!

Hey all!

I’m SUPER excited to announce I have now added Google Translate to my blog.

What this means is you can now read my blog posts in over 100 different languages!

For those of you international followers and others who struggle with English this should make it much easier to read my answers.

There are two options:  A banner appears right underneath my heading photo.  Or I have placed a button on my sidebar near the top.  Simple click on the button, select your language, and all my posts are translated instantly!  I love technology!

For those of you Bible buffs, there is even Latin and Greek!

Let me know if this is useful and how it’s working.  I always welcome feedback!

Happy translating!

2 thoughts on “Announcing Google Translate on My Blog!!

  1. Congratulations! I think that is awesome and something you can be really proud about. God’s word getting out to so many that would otherwise not have your discernment of the scriptures. I personally love comparing your answers to my answers after I complete my lesson.


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