BSF Study Questions Romans Lesson 18, Day 5: Romans 10:18-21

Summary of passage:  Israel heard the Good News, but chose to be disobedient and obstinate.  Instead, the Gentiles believed when the Good News was revealed to them.


12) God revealed Himself to the Gentiles in an attempt to make the Israelites jealous and then turn to Him.  Hearing is listening to words but no action.  Understanding is knowing what the words mean but no action.  Believing is taking action and agreeing with the words.  For example, “Go pick up your room.”  My kids hear the command.  They understand it.  Then they ignore me and don’t do it.  Same with God.  “Believe in my Son.”  The Israelites heard this.  They understand it’s meaning.  But they turned their backs on Christ.

13)  The Israelites who did not believe in Christ.  The Gentiles who heard the Good News.

14)  Personal Question we just answered in Question 8.  My repetitive answer: Where is everywhere I encounter others whom He puts in my path whom He desires to be there.  I encourage others just by listening and sharing God’s truths about love and comfort and purpose, etc.

Conclusions:  Paul is saying Israel has no excuse for they have heard the message and declined.

End Notes:  Israel is ignoring God and the prophets, Moses and Isaiah, making them more accountable and responsible.  This, however, God knew.  God’s chosen people ignored Him, all the more heart-breaking to God.  He holds out His hands and they slap it away.  He continues to reach out to His people in spite of their disobedience.  Same for us.  God hurts when we reject Him.

Conclusions BSF Romans Lesson 18:  Not a lot of verses covered and a simple message by Paul:  All have heard the message and it is simply have faith in Christ.  Nice respite and should be fairly quick to complete.

4 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Romans Lesson 18, Day 5: Romans 10:18-21

  1. 12) God revealed Himself to the Gentiles in an attempt to make the Israelites jealous and then turn to Him.

    Does not make sense to me. Make Israelites jealous ? No, because the Messiah comes for all and not sole property of Jews. Paul says even the Gentiles come from the seed of Abraham for the new people are not Jews alone but the people who will live in testimony to Christ who was yet to come. The Jews are His chosen to bring His revelation to humanity but the Christians are His elect who will preach redemption through Christ. The Jews reject Christ mainly because they could not accept Paul’s teaching that it was no longer necessary to keep the Law and that Jesus is greater than Moses and Elijah and the new path to a new type of covenant.
    Paul speaks to all today admonishing all who have heard the message and declined as did the Jews of his time. Billy Graham comes to mind: “Do not deny the Christ ! When you deny the Christ you re-crucify the Christ !”

    The end notes show Israel learned its lesson by ignoring God but in the sense that no longer keeping the Law would be ignoring God which makes them unable to accept Christ . It puts them in Catch-22. Are they unfaithful by no longer following the Law ? and they do not want to appear unfaithful so keep the Law and are insecure in the notion Jesus is the Messiah. They are in a predicament.

    In studying Paul I concluded that most of his writing is to convince unbelieving Jews that Jesus is the Messiah and to fortify Christian Jews who had accepted Jesus in knowing they got it right. So there is far less that speaks to Gentile Christians today except to become converted to Paul’s doctrines and understandings which is less in word count but the foundation of Christian theology.


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