BSF Study Questions Romans Lesson 23, Day 5: Romans 12:17-21

Summary of passage:  Do what is right.  Don’t seek retribution.  Be at peace with all.  Let God handle judgment/revenge.  Be kind to your enemies.  Overcome evil with good.


13)  Part personal Question.  My answer:  Too many to list.  People will smear others on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Gossip, libel, lies, deceit, and any other physical abuse such as hitting to the extreme of killing.  Any evil man can dream of he will do.  Now that I’m older I let things go a lot.  I just don’t have the energy for revenge and I know God will do it much better than I ever could.  I usually let my anger simmer and then in a few days life moves me on and all is forgotten.

14)  Joseph pops to mind first.  He did not kill his brothers when he could have after they sold him into slavery and then showed up years later when they were starving.  He embraced them instead and saved them and their families from starvation and for posterity.  And of course, God.  The Bible is full of God showing mercy.  We all should be dead.  But in God’s mercy, He forgives.

15)  Feed your enemy.  Give them something to drink.  Love your enemy.  God will avenge and repay for the wrongs done.

16)  There is only one way:  with God and Jesus’ help.  Only through them and by them.  Studying God’s Word.  Practicing God’s Word.  Praying every day to be more like Jesus.  Having communion with other believers.  Asking others for prayer to strengthen you in your daily life (Prayer Requests!!).  Keeping yourself out of tempting situations where you know you will most likely sin.  Staying apart from this world while living in it.

Conclusions:  More advice from Paul on Godly-living.  Love Question 16.  We are paralyzed without God.  We can’t do anything without Him.  This includes living out Paul’s commands.

End NotesMatthew 5:38-45. We are to love our enemies and treat well those who treat us badly.

Note Paul’s caveat:  If it is possible.  It may not always be possible since we cannot control others.  But he says do your part.

If you trust God, then you know it’s not necessary to avenge.  God will handle it.

Do good to your enemies.  “Heaping burning coals on his head” most likely refers to a “burning conviction” that our kindness places on our enemy.  It may bring about his repentance.  Or, some think it refers to the practice of lending coals from a fire to help a neighbor start their own – an appreciated act of kindness.

Either way we see that we can destroy our enemy by making him our friend.

Great read on God’s vengeance and the heaping coals HERE

3 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Romans Lesson 23, Day 5: Romans 12:17-21

  1. Hi Atoz, I can’t get into my aol email. The poem I sent you “One Question” did not come up, not even in your website. Did you receive it?
    Please let me know through here. I don’t think my email is working. I will keep trying.


  2. This comment is a little late but is regarding the several previous lessons on predestination and election. I see BSF has chosen to promote the Calvinist view alone on predestination. As someone who was not raised in this teaching, I had always waved off believers in predestination and election as being “those crazy Protestants.” After studying this lesson and BSF’s supporting notes, it has caused me great spiritual unrest. If God has already predetermined and then predestined individuals to either heaven or hell, why do we have free will, pray for the unsaved, or evangelize if peoples’ salvation has already been set in concrete, so to speak. Since studying these lessons and doing further research on other existing views, BSF, in my opinion, should have also presented the Arminian viewpoint to, at the very least, balance out the Calvinist viewpoint. I am not alone in feeling confusion and spiritual unrest as others attending BSF at our hosting church, have also. I feel BSF has done an enormous disservice to attendees and in some cases, real spiritual damage to new and old believers alike!


  3. ohh. Cathy.. I feel exactly the same. I have done this Romans study 3x and each time the concept of election pokes at me. And BSF kept hammering home their viewpoint (and a very accepted one in a lot of Christian worlds). There was lesson after lesson and question after question about it.
    I consider myself like a *Berean* and question concepts. Sometimes that doesn’t feel good. So many in BSF are so automated in their responses (not to say they aren’t genuine or living their Christian principles). I sit and churn.. one lesson during Romans 9-11 I just sat and answered nothing. I had a completed lesson, but just could not cast doubts on their answers or question the BSF doctrine.
    I finally confessed to a friend of mine (fellow BSF attendee.. formerly a teaching leader). I felt horrible because I felt like a heretic. It just didn’t make sense to me. She had some insight which settled it in my mind. There is a chapter in a book called *Relaxing with God*. It pretty well explained it and put the concept in context of the time and the audience that Paul was writing to. I’m not sure I espouse everything in that book, but that chapter was good.
    Happy to say.. that I can go on and I think the doctrine may be a little skewed.


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