Prayer Requests for Week of March 4th, 2018

Hey all!

Spring is in the air!!

Please leave prayer requests and updates.  You can email them to me at or post them in the comments below.  I love praying for you all and firmly believe in the power of prayer.

Mine:  I am running for a local election where I live.  I would like prayer in this endeavor.  I had a great interview this week and would like prayer that a job offer will be forthcoming soon.  My husband is also looking for more job opportunities and would like prayer for promotions soon.  He also is really struggling with what God wants him to do for the rest of his life.  He would like prayer for direction to hear God in his life.

God bless and Have an Amazing Week ahead!

6 thoughts on “Prayer Requests for Week of March 4th, 2018

  1. My daughter is a believer and is a single mom of 3 teenagers. That alone is stressful. She needs a mammogram- ?? Mass. She has no insurance and she needs a better job. She has several job applications out there. Please pray for an appointment and that the mass is not cancer . Pray for a job to help her have money for outstanding bills and things her kids need.
    My husband and I are retired and we help as much as we can. Thank you for bringing these needs before our gracious, loving God.


  2. Lorraine Requests:

    Please keep me in prayer. I need to know Gods direction for a church for me, a church where I will hear God’s word, where I will make friends, where I will fit.

    Lorraine Flynn


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