Prayer Requests for Week of March 11th, 2018

Hey all!

Please leave prayer requests and updates.  You can email them to me at or post them in the comments below.  I love praying for you all and firmly believe in the power of prayer.

Mine:  I am running for a local election where I live.  I would like prayer in this endeavor.  I had a great interview this week and would like prayer that a job offer will be forthcoming soon.  I hurt myself last week as well so prayer for healing.  My husband is also looking for more job opportunities and would like prayer for promotions soon.  He also is really struggling with what God wants him to do for the rest of his life.  He would like prayer for direction to hear God in his life.

God bless and Have an Amazing Week ahead!

6 thoughts on “Prayer Requests for Week of March 11th, 2018

  1. Denise Requests:

    I have followed your blog for several years now. You have helped me tremendously with added insight. Thank you for that 🙂
    I have never asked for prayers like this from strangers, but like you I believe in the power of prayer!
    My husband came home from a funeral last night and announced to me that he is in love with the widow of the man who was just buried. And feels the same for my husband.
    They have known each other for many years now.
    PLEASE! I DON’T WANT TO LOSE MY HUSBAND! I NEED ALL the prayers! I feel so lost and alone. I have two daughters who will be devastated. Please, please pray.
    Thank you!


    1. Denise – My heart aches for you and your daughters. My prayer for you is that the Holy Spirit will descend on the hearts of your family and guide you in all that you do in this devastating time of your lives. Rest in Jesus, in Him, you will find comfort and hope in times such as this.

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  2. All praise to our wonderful God. Thanks for all who prayed for my daughter, Emily, last week. She was able to get a mammogram and at a very reduced price and the test was read and she is fine.
    Please continue to pray for a better job and opportunities to increase her financial needs.

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  3. Shannon Requests:
    Boy do I have some prayer requests

    That I find a church body and a place to serve
    That I remain faithful and hopeful in the light of husband’s unemployment and son’s struggles with alcohol and drug.
    I will pray for your position and for direction and peace of mind for you and your husband.




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