Prayer Requests for Week of April 8th, 2018

Hey all!

As always, please leave your prayer requests in the comment section below or email them to me at and I’ll get them up asap.

Thank you all for your prayers for the election.  Alas, I lost, but that is okay.  That door God closed and I’ll await the opening of His next one.

Prayer requests for my husband for advancement in his profession and for me to find a career.

Have a blessed and amazing week ahead!

5 thoughts on “Prayer Requests for Week of April 8th, 2018

  1. Im sorry you lost the election. I hope another, better opportunity is waiting around the corner.

    Please pray for my youngest child; he’s had strep at least 5 times since August and his body seems to be rejecting the antibiotic. The doctors aren’t really listening to me and I’m not sure what next steps should be. Thank you in advance for lifting him in prayer. 😊


  2. Jennifer Requests:

    I’m deeply in need of prayer about a person God has been keeping on my heart for a while. Im working on a track currently hoping it’ll be what message God needs to relay through me. I’ve had feelings of depression/anxiety feeling lonely and longing for this person but God keeps telling me to trust Him with His timing. I have other big concerns about the future and I think that’s possibly contributing to my negative feelings. I obviously need a mind free from those distractions and remain completely present with Jesus. There’s always life and peace in the Holy Spirit.

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    1. I received this when my husband was going through spinal surgery in 2011. I needed to hear it at that time and need to hear it now and everyday. God never forgets us when we are going through hard times. I ought to learn it by heart. 
      I know easier said than done. I read this but I still worry, praying does help.

      Anxiety—don’t carry it, walk with it, eat with it, live with it, go to bed with it. Don’t entertain it, support it, encourage it—not in big things or little things, present things or future things, pressing things or perplexing things. It is a foe not a friend, a downer not an edifier, a binder not a freer. It will quickly introduce you to its close cousins, fret and fear. When anxiety knocks at the door of your heart or mind, be sure to renounce it, reject it, and refuse it any place.

      Instead of being anxious about anything, you can begin to pray about everything. Prayer means that you have a God to go to and to talk to, who hears and answers prayer. Mix your prayers with thankfulness. Thanksgiving reflects an attitude of gratefulness to God for inviting you to come to Him, and it shows that you truly trust Him to take care of you, regardless of your circumstances.

      As you pray and trust God to work, He will give you the assurance that He is in control. He will do this by giving you His peace. God doesn’t give you circumstantial peace, but His peace, a peace which remains constant and undisturbed through every circumstance.

      God’s peace is His answer for anxiety. His peace will quiet you and calm you; it will minister health to your nerves and rest to your spirit. God’s peace is more powerful than anxiety, fear, or worry, and His peace will defeat any foe that tries to attack your heart and mind. At the heart of these attacks is an attempt to have you to turn your faith away from God and to focus instead on your needs and circumstances. God’s peace strengthens you from these attacks by giving you the assurance that God is for you and that no weapon formed against you will prosper.

      Never turn away from God’s peace. Yield and surrender your heart and mind to His peace. Say, “Yes, Lord, I receive Your peace.” His peace transcends your understanding. God’s peace is the same peace that Jesus said He would give to you.

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