Last Prayer Requests for the Summer!!

Hey all!

This will be my last prayer request post for the summer so if something is on your heart either now or long term, please share!  Either post in the comment section below or email them to me at

I’m wishing you a fun-filled summer and many blessings!

16 thoughts on “Last Prayer Requests for the Summer!!

  1. Jennifer Requests:

    Prayers for me to be in the habit of continuing to believe in God’s promises for my life and to declare and decree them at all times believing I’m living in them until all completely manifests. For my music to be posted soon online and impact every ear that hears it for the glory of God in His sweet precious Love. Have played some bits to some folks and already seems to have a positive effect. Praise God. I wish for it to reach all. For salvation of a particular person and those this person is close to and involved with. Really is affectionately on my heart and it seems God ordained to be friends with this person at some point I believe God is using me to love this person and those with him into spiritual wholeness. I’ve had a inner hearts desire to do such in the past for a soul and this must be my chance. Would appreciate prayers for me to be discerning and recognizing every door God opens for me in the plans of His promises for me. God bless you and love you.


  2. Thanking our Lord so much for your ministry in BSF. I was at a Priscilla Shirer simulcast recently and was incredibly blessed by her ministry of truth and gospel. Definitely worth a listen for continuing blessings as we move into our summer quiet times with God.

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  3. Thank you Lord for AtoZ. Thank you that you are sovereign. Please pray that I stay in the Word all summer. Please also pray for my weightloss and skin problem called vitiligo. Please also pray for my daughter who is going to university in the fall. She is concerned she will lose her contact with God. She also has a skin problem. Acne. My husband has had a cough lingering. His work takes him away from home. Lord please let him be home to work. Thank you God of peace.

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  4. Joanne Requests:

    And a blessed summer to you and your family.

    As before safe travels for daughters and self, adding my brother, our health and discernment.

    My ongoing housing challenges – please grant me peace that a resolution will occur soon before deadline.

    Many thanks and blessings.


  5. I have a rare infectious disease that we’re battling since August 2017 with only limited improvement. Pray the Holy Spirit to advise the doctors, and all caregivers how to treat and heal this disease. I also ask for divine healing if that be God’s will. Thank you.


  6. For safe travels as we move from Florida back up north and for a home to open up there for us to live in. (First couple weeks of May)
    Thank you and Blessings on your week.


  7. atozmom is one of the beautiful blessings that God has allowed me to enjoy. Your inspiring words and definitions, and explanations to God’s Word is so very helpful in my planning and studying my BSF each week. I look forward to reading atozmom each week. Praying God’s blessings for you and your family this summer.

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  8. Cathy Requests:

    I am asking the guidance and prayer for all for my children especially Wayne and Quita. They are moving to Columbia Mo for her to begin her 3 year residency and he to find a job and get accepted into PA school. Just got married. They do have the marital problems but through prayer and God being at the head of their household please give them all the blessings on this journey financially and spiritually.



  9. Kathy Requests:

    Yes, thank you!! Our team is about to go into the women’s prison here in VA for Kairos Prison Ministry and I ask that you be praying for us from Thursday night (May 3) through Sunday evening (May 6) that the participants hearts would be open to receiving what God has for them. Also, protection during travel for us and pray against the enemy’s attacks.

    I will continue to pray for your requests. It has been a joy to read your blog. May God bless you abundantly!


  10. MB Requests:

    I just first want to praise you for your blog. It has been a blessing to see the thoughts and comments from so many and it has enriched my heart.

    I do attend a BSF class but find with the rush of the class I leave not fulfilled. The short 20 min. with the class does not let any of us dig into the study.

    I am so humbly grateful for each of your days post. Thank you

    Romans to me has been a real kick in the behind for me to step up and serve my Lord .

    Prayer Request

    I am a stuffer of feelings and not very good at sharing how I feel. . Through the Romans study I want to be bold and let God lead me

    Asking for prayer my 2 young ladies one is not a believer and says she is a atheist. The other is going down a path of destruction very disrespectful to her sister and parents. Has told lies about her mother.

    I ask that God help me to be able to listen and follow His leading whether it is to just to love them both or have the words to lead them to Christ.


  11. Michelle Requests:

    I have a prayer request for my grade 12 daughter. She is having a spiritual battle. Her marks suddenly dropped. She is so done with school. A teacher
    Is targeting her she says but her marks have dropped in all classes. She had a melt down about a friend we took in to live with us. She is an only child. Her acne was good but it flared up again. Please pray that God helps her to finish strong and she gets over her only child ness. Thanks. Michelle. Anything I can pray for you.


  12. Michelle Requests:

    Hello AtoZMom,

    I would like to request prayers for my country, Indonesia, and its government – for God to give wisdom in dealing with continuous terrorist attacks. Last Sunday (13 May 2018), a family of six committed bombing suicide in three churches in Surabaya (the second largest city in Indonesia) – leaving several people dead and many injured. This morning, another two suicide bombings happened again, one of which took place in front of a police station in a nearby city.

    I pray that God gives the country and the world peace and love instead of continuous hatred and violence. I also pray for forgiveness to the family who did the first three suicide bombing, especially for the two young daughters of the couple (not even teenagers). I am saddened to see there were so much evil in this world.

    Thank you so much,


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