God Did Something Great When He gave Us Pets…

One of my sweet, sweet kitties!

As I sit here, cuddling my cat in my arms, I think of this.

Most of the world has pets of some kind. Either domestic pets like cats and dogs that live in our house or outdoor animals to care for like horses, cows, chickens, goats, etc.

When God gave us charge of animals in Genesis Chapter 1, He knew exactly what He was doing.

Research has shown what animals do for us: calm us, offer up companionship and love, provide warmth, comfort, and compassion, give us something to cry on, something to hold onto, something to love…

They prolong our life by giving us something to live for. They are loyal. They protect us. They’ll take a bullet for us. Defend us if we need it. Kill mice that enter our home. Purr so the house is not so quiet.

I could go on and on…

Wild animals…

Seeing a bald eagle soar over the skies inbibes me with magic and majesty and a sense that this world is alright despite what you hear on the news.

Animals in nature are splendid. Gorgeous. Perfect. Doing what God created them to do. The perfect example of living for their basic needs in the present moment and no more. How we should live.

Out of all of God’s gifts to mankind, this has to rank near the top. Giving us something to live for outside of ourselves especially when we are old, alone, and sometimes forsaken…

This is why I believe all dogs (and cats) go to heaven…

God is great. God is good. God is omniscient, omnipotent, wonderful.

When you start to doubt anything about God, hug your pet. Guaranteed God is there with you…

5 thoughts on “God Did Something Great When He gave Us Pets…

  1. Thank you for that! Today as we begin our time to go into the prison to serve Him, we learned last night that one of our young team members went to the hospital with chest pain and most likely won’t be with us. Please pray for her recovery and anxiety. God is in control of this and will replace her with one of the other team members who will do the Forgiveness Meditations. He is truly an awesome God!

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  2. Thirteen years ago I didn’t have a pet. One day in my prayers I asked God to send me a stray cat that I could adopt. Soon after, this beautiful stray cat showed up at my door. She was starving but she had been spayed and someone had loved her at some point in her life. I took her to a vet , he said you have found yourself a healthy cat. She was about three years old. She is orange and looks just like “Morris”.
    She has been a part of our family for thirteen years. When I lie on the sofa she lies on top of me and looks at me with those loving eyes.
    I know in my heart that God sent us Princess. Why? Because I asked Him for it.
    God gives us the desires of our heart.
    That is a gorgeous cat Atoz.

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