Start Dates for BSF’S 2018/2019 Study People of the Promised Land Part 1


Hey all!

Are you excited as I am about the beginning of BSF this year?Image result for people of the promised land

We get to study a “new” study, which is the previous study by BSF of the Minor Prophets, but this has been broken into two parts.  I am super excited to be able to study Joshua, Ruth, David, Saul, and Solomon in depth this year!

Start Dates for BSF’s Study People of the Promised Land Part 1

Just like every year, I’m taking a survey of when you all start so I’ll know when to post.

Here in the United States, we traditionally start the week after Labor Day which is September 3rd this year.

However, those of you abroad who do not celebrate Labor Day traditionally start earlier.

Thus, if you could post the following in the comments section, it will help out a ton of BSF’ers:

  1.  Location of your study
  2.  Time (day or night)
  3.  Start date

Thank you!!

61 thoughts on “Start Dates for BSF’S 2018/2019 Study People of the Promised Land Part 1

    1. Hi, I am Noilene Sehlhoff and I go to the night group in Waxahatchee Tx, I am having trouble driving at night. Would like to transfer to your day group in Mansfield if possible. I also have a 3 year old that goes with me. Last year to BSF he went with me and loved going to Gods Big house. If there is any way we could transfer to Mansfield it would be most helpful, or just me and place him with a sitter for that day. I have been with BSF off and on for years and would hate not to be able to go. phone # is 817-983-3651 or E mail me at Thank You.


  1. Bay Hope Church, Tampa, FL Thursday 930am Think it begins 9/13…have not been notified yet Thanks for all you do❤️



  2. Does BSF have an online Bible Study for those of us who are homebound?  I think it would be great if they did.  Thanks, Betsy


    1. They do offer online. You have to register online but you can’t be register for a class and online. It’s one or the other. BSF is making a lot of changes this year!


  3. My class will be on Tuesdays at 7pm. Not sure of the start date. I had to drop out due to grandkids last year. Hey, I like the new website look. I haven’t been here since before Christmas 2017.


  4. Hi ATOZMOM!

    Your sharings in this blog has definitely helped me a lot in sparking my thought process in answering the BSF questions. I am truly grateful for your kindness and efforts to update the blog frequently.

    LOCATION: Trinity Methodist Church ( City: Petaling Jaya, State: Selangor, Country: Malaysia )
    TIME: 7:30PM
    START: August 28, 2018 (Tue)

    Looking forward for your postings on People of the Promosied Land 1 soon.
    God Bless!

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