People of the Promised Land: Rahab

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Only God could make a prostitute an ancestor of Jesus.

In two separate places in the New Testament (Hebrews 11:31; James 2:25), she is commended. Her profession and the lie she told to protect the two spies (Joshua 2:4-5) is ignored in favor of the fact she saw things differently than all the other inhabitants of Jericho.

Having heard all about the Israelites’ God, she abandoned her gods and stood against her own people.

Josephus mentions that Rahab kept an inn but is silent as to whether merely renting out rooms was her only source of income. It was not uncommon for both an inn and a brothel to operate within the same building; thus entering Rahab’s quarters was not necessarily a deviation from Joshua’s orders. Indeed, as Robert Boling notes, such an establishment might have represented an ideal location for spies to gather intelligence.

Fun Fact about Rahab, the Prostitute:

Rahab was the first recorded Gentile convert.

What Can We Learn from Rahab, the Prostitute:

  1. Rahab was a pagan who converted to God like the Gentiles.
  2. Rahab was saved by her faith in God (us in Jesus).
  3. Rahab showed true faith by taking action (obeying the spies’ directive to hang a scarlet cord from her window). There’s only one way to Jesus.
  4. Rahab’s life began anew with a life in God. Similarly, Christians’ slates are wiped clean when we come to Jesus.
  5. Rahab is the picture of God’s amazing saving grace and the abundant life we have in Jesus.

Great article HERE on Rahab.

Little else is known about Rahab, but we don’t need to know more. All we need to know about her is her faith.

Her faith is what stands the test of time.

Will yours?

2 thoughts on “People of the Promised Land: Rahab

  1. I’ve always found Rahab’s story fascinating mainly because the Bible gave so little information about her. Ruth, another woman of great faith, at least had a complete story.

    One thing I’ve also wondered about is why the genealogy of Jesus is traced through Joseph. While I know that Jewish culture is patriarchal, Joseph had not so much to do with Jesus other than being his legal father. In fact, the Bible also had little information about his involvement in Jesus’ life. I just thought Mary’s lineage was more significant.

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