Prayer Requests Online

Hey all!

I trust everyone had a wonderful summer, and everyone is eager to get back to studying God’s Word with Bible Study Fellowship’s study of People of the Promised Land Part 1.

Every Sunday (except for the last Sunday of the month when I post my new Coffee Chat with God), I’ll post prayer requests. This is your chance to ask for prayer anonymously if you like or leave your name. It’s also a place to post praises as well! There’s power in prayer so please post away!

My Prayer Request: I’m struggling to find the right diet for my body as I’ve been struggling with bloating. My family and I lead busy lives. Pray we don’t let stress get to us and pray I’m a good parent.

God bless everyone this week!


13 thoughts on “Prayer Requests Online

  1. Hi Dearheart! I was struggling with bloating also and went to a nutritionist who took me off of onions & garlic (waaa), and all nightshade vegetables except for sweet potatoes and tomatoes. It is so much better now! Wanted to share this with you!

    Blessings, Linda Cryderman

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  2. Please pray for me, I am suffering with gout and the doctor’s shot has not helped alleviate the pain in my foot. Also pray for my husband of 63 years with back problems and our close friend, Sam. Thank you for your prayers! Blessings, Betty

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  3. Pray God will provide the wherewithal for us to get our own place and transportation
    Pray my spouse and family strength, peace patience, endurance and acceptance of God’s will in regards to their mom’s health. She has alzheimer.

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  4. Prayers for Bible study fellowship technical areas to resolve and run smoothly for the satellite and virtual discussion groups worldwide. And for women and men to feel the call to step into leadership roles within all areas of BSF ♥️

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  5. Believing in prayers for those things that you desire. Thank you for taking time to search the scriptures and send out the lessons.
    Pray for my children that are married, this is a tough time for them, May there grow together and not apart.
    Old child, a lasting relationship with girlfriend that will lead to marriage evidently.

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