Prayer Requests Online for Week of September 23rd, 2018

Hey all!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week and have enjoyed BSF’s the Study of the Promised Land Part 1 so far!

Please leave your prayer requests here and praises if you have some. There is power if prayer so the more the merrier!

Mine: still struggling with bloating, and I’m seeing the doctor this week.

Have a great week ahead and many blessings your way!

14 thoughts on “Prayer Requests Online for Week of September 23rd, 2018

  1. Please pray for Diego, has Muscular Dystrophy, Sis, TIA, Jerrell, tired all the time, me for strength to get back on my diet.

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  2. Please pray that we are able to sell our house for asking price and buy the house we need to accomodate my mom (my dad passed away) for the offer price. Please also pray for my daughter who is in university. The professors these days oftentimes are athiest and have an athiest agenda – it bothers me and it bothers her. We are all sick with colds already and winter has not even begun…. Thank you! and Thank Jesus.


  3. Please pray that my nephew continue successfully on his journey in sobriety and that he finds God’s purpose in his life. Please pray that I also open my heart to what God intends in my own life.

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  4. Prayers for my sister, Lisa & her family. Our Dad died in Dec & she has avoided grieving. Now suddenly she is moving out of state & scorching everyone & everything in her path, burning every bridge, basically denouncing God. So heartbreaking.

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  5. I’d like to lift up all personnel helping the residents of North and South Carolinians who are struggling with the remnants of Hurricane Florence. Many S.C. residents have been displaced and still try to meet for BSF classes. The rising rivers and bays have cut off many roads to and fro. We praise God for his power and his sovereignty that we will grow closer to Him as we Study His word.

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  6. Please pray that my son Maalik is able to get to Arlington, TX very soon, and that his health (mental and physical) will become strong enough for him to move forward with is life. Also my heavenly Father I thank you for allowing me to be able to mentally and physically able the meet the challenges of caring for my son and my husband. I never thought I could or would, it’s only you and I thank you for the opportunity. The more the merrier in prayer. Amen


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