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Hey all!

These are quickly becoming some of my favorite posts — where I can talk about anything and everything under the Sun.

On my mind today is beauty. Specifically, beauty all around.

Our lives are pretty routine. We wake up, get coffee (perhaps the most important thing you’ll do the entire day), and immediately go into morning routine mode. Shower, wake kids, drive kids, go to work, pick up kids, grab items at the grocery store for dinner, make dinner, drop kids off at extracurricular activities, finish laundry, etc. Before you know it, the day is gone.

Sure, you probably got a lot of tasks done. But at the end of the day, that’s just what they were — tasks.

Did you accomplish anything real? Did you notice anything going on in the world around you?

I am super guilty of this.

I’m a pretty focused person. When I’m engaged in a task, that’s all I think about. This is usually a good thing. I get a lot done — a lot of “tasks” done. But what do I really accomplish?

Did I notice the leaves falling to the ground all around me? Did I breathe in the fresh air and marvel at the miracle of life? Did I notice the bald eagle in the tree he or she always sits in? Did I truly see the 6 raccoons in my tree? Did I appreciate all my body accomplishes — a lot of it without my thought?

Did I listen to my kids tell me boring stories about their day? Did I look into my dog’s eyes and appreciate the unconditional love (probably the only kind I actually have here on earth)? Did I call a friend who may not be feeling well? Did I call my parents?

Most importantly, did I pray to God today? Did I feel His love? Did I thank Him for all that I am, all that I have, all that He has for me, all that He wants me to do, and for my family? Did I pause and take the time to appreciate God, to stand in awe of Him, to worship Him?

Today, I’d just like to encourage you to notice the moments of your day. To appreciate the migration of Canadian geese, the hibernation of the trees, the deer that graze the meadows, and the water that falls from the sky that nourishes the world around you. But most of all, take the time to appreciate God and all He does for you.

This doesn’t have to be a 30 minute prayer session. It can just be moments here and there in your day. That’s all God wants. He wants us to pause, thank Him, and go about the blessed life we live.

Can you do that?

Inspirational Quotes: Work Ethic

“You can’t just pray as if it depends solely on God; you also have to work as if it depends on you.  It’s your work ethic plus your prayer ethic that will inch you closer to your dream.  One moment, one day at a time.”  Mark Batterson Chase Your Lion

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Book Review: A Dog’s Purpose

Image result for a dog's purposeA Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron is an excellent book about a dog finding his purpose in this world. The book begins with one dog who keeps leading multiple lives and is perpetually re-born until his purpose is fulfilled. In the dog’s first life, he is feral and ends up being taken in by a kind-hearted woman who can’t take care of so many dogs. However, he ends up lame and unadoptable and is put down, but he made the woman laugh.

In the dog’s second life, he keeps having the nagging feeling that there’s something he’s supposed to do. He ends up in a home as a companion to a little boy named Ethan, where his purpose is to comfort the boy whenever the boy needed him. The dog learns humans are so much more complex than dogs and his job is not what he wants but what his master wants. His purpose was to love the boy and be with him and make him happy.

In the dog’s third life, he is trained as a search and rescue dog where he learned his purpose was to find people and save them.

The last life we find the dog abused and runs away. As he’s running, he runs into a familiar smell: that of Ethan’s girlfriend from long ago. The dog is determined to find Ethan who is still living in the same home except he is old now. He realizes his purpose in this world had been to save and Ethan was lonely without his girlfriend. The dog ends up re-connecting the two who eventually marry. He had fulfilled his purpose of rescuing people from despair of their lives.


Ultimately, it is Ethan’s turn to leave this world. But the dog is by his side, fulfilling his purpose:

“The job of a good dog was ultimately to be with humans, remaining by their sides no matter what course their lives might take. All I could do now was offer him comfort, the assurance that he was not alone but was tended by the dog who loved him more than anything else in the whole world.”

I LOVED this book. Having come off of reading The Art of Racing in the Rain, I wasn’t for sure I wanted to read another book where the dog dies (let alone repeatedly). But A Dog’s Purpose is not sad because the dog lives on and the end of the dog’s life is not written as sad. I love how the dog finds his boy again, is 100% devoted to the boy, and is with the boy at the end of his life. I honestly hope I don’t have pets when it’s my time to go because I feel like it’s cruel to leave them without me, but I liked this book.

I love the insights the dog has to human’s lives as well and how the dog’s life just fits in with the human’s. This book is very realistic and not overly sentimental. If you love pets (especially dogs), then A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron is a must-read.

We all have a purpose and our job is to discover it while we’re here. This dog does and it’s encouraging to the rest of us who are still seeking our purpose in this world. Your pet may seem like it’s just being an animal, leading its life, but when it greets you at the end of a long day with love or jumps on your lap and purrs, it’s fulfilling its purpose. Now go and fulfill yours.