Themes of Ruth

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How To Read the Book of Ruth

You can read the book of Ruth in several ways:

  • As a tiny, elegant portrait of life in ancient times
  • As a record of God’s faithfulness to the needy
  • As an inspiring love story of undying friendship
  • As a missionary story–an account of God’s merciful acceptance of those who do not belong to the tribes of Israel, but who do belong to Him
  • As a foreshadowing of Jesus’ redemptive work to come

God’s Plan is Good

The ending is happy: Ruth gets a husband and both Naomi and Ruth find economic security in a male-dominated society. God’s hand and providence is expertly woven throughout all the events of the book of Ruth.

God cares for each of us and has a plan for each of us. We all matter. What we do matters. Who we touch matters. Pray to make a difference in every person’s life whom you come across and to leave a tiny bit of God in his or her heart.

You may think your life is ordinary and mundane and nothing of event happens in it; but it’s not. God’s at work behind every event and every decision you make. How is God at work now in your life?

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  1. I love your blog and read it continually… however when you make it wider than the page I am unable to print it out to keep… please make your posts not wider than a regular page.


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