Asking for Prayer Online

Hey all!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week.

Please leave your prayer requests here and praises if you have some. There is power in prayer so the more the merrier! You can also email me your requests at:

Mine: more gratitude in my daily life, patience with my kids and those who irk me, and overall peace and well-being and settlement of stomach issues.

Have a great week ahead and many blessings your way!

17 thoughts on “Asking for Prayer Online

  1. Marisol Requests:
    My brother, Antonio Gonzalez Jr, is trying to get his life back on track. Two-years-ago, he moved back home after having problems with his throat (he felt like he couldn’t swallow). He is now going to therapy for stress and social anxiety. Although, he’s never admitted to being depressed, he’s had a hard time dealing with the situation. I am asking for prayers, I know he started taking classes at a community college by my parents home. He’s trying to get his life back on track. He is not a man of God but I’ve been praying for him constantly. My prayer request is for him, that he finds comfort and peace in his heart to accomplish all his goals, that he gains confidence, that his anxiety dissapears, that he ultimately, finds the love of God. And that he lets go of the past, he was bullied for several years in school.. and he questions God for it. Thank you! I believe in the power of God and I know, God will help my brother conquer all his demons.


  2. Andy Requests:

    I follow your BSF notes & posts to supplement mine. Great insights.

    I have a prayer request for you to share. I lost my job Oct. 12. I need a new one. But I need $350-500 ASAP. I applied for unemployment but not sure when I’ll get it. I do have a couple major things to pay for before it comes. Pray I get it this week!

    Andy Rhodes


  3. Cathy Requests:

    Good morning!☀️

    My prayer request are: pray for my husband’s safe travels in Afghanistan, help me to loose 20 pounds, keep my daughters and son in law safe and healthy, and help me find that perfect job after the holidays.

    Thank you,

    Cathy S.


  4. James Requests:
    I follow your posts and enjoy them. My names is James,a 69 yr old man with too many things to list for prayer. I lift my troubles to God every day and night. My physical pain is getting worse daily and if you would please pray for me I’m sure my prayers would be answered. Faith heals……….James


  5. Pray for our country as the devisiveness is getting worse. So many who do not believe are spreading vicious lies and separating friends and family. God is in control and I pray he will settle down our country and return to peace.

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  6. Toni Requests:
    Prayers for my twin sister, Jackie having surgery on Friday, 11/9 for a lumbar microdiscectomy and for her CT results on a 6 mm nodule in her left lung


  7. Please pray for me. I’m owed some money for some work I did. Despite demanding payment for considerable time from the parastatal and promises no paymament is forthcoming . The CEO has ignored my calls. I’ve no income for now a s was depending on the money to be released to tide me and my family over a period of time and to pay school fees. I need prayers for these funds to be released. I’m due to visit the CEO’s office in about two hours time.


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  8. Zita Requests:

    Please pray for my son who is now going through stress, depression. He feels so tired, does not want to do anything, no appetite. Last week, he had shortness of breath and went into emergency. Nothing found. He will have a heart monitor this week, hope doctor will have correct diagnosis.
    I having been praying that God will use His healing hands to lead him back to normal. Also God to give wisdom for doctors to find out what’s wrong. Give me a heart to show caring for my son.
    Thank you,
    God bless you and your family.


  9. Hello – prayer for my family as we travel to England to bring some of my dad’s ashes to his last surviving sister. Travel ercies, safety and health. Also that my daughter continues to seek the LORD and that this trip does not put her behind in her university studiesa. God Bless Thank you.

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  10. please pray for my ex Victoria Ann Agostino and i to get back together and stay together. for us to fix our problems and have a family become husban and wife. please pray for us to become one again soon. i love her with all my heart and soul i know she is the one i know this and i beleave it and i feel it in my heart. i knew she was the one when i first saw her. i feel lost with out her i feel empty with out her. i beleave in god and jesuse i have my faith in them. i need help with your prayers for us to become one again and stay together. please pray for us. god bless you

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