Why Did God Reject Saul as King?

Every human on this planet has been rejected at some point in their life. Either for jobs or colleges or people or loved ones or to get a book published or  what-have-you.

But Saul faced the ultimate rejection: rejection by God.

So much promise…

Saul had everything going for him. He was tall, handsome, and commanded attention. He was chosen as the first king of Israel  — and he didn’t even run for the office! He encountered God’s Spirit (in a way all Christians wish to experience God) that changed him entirely. He saved his people. He won many battles.

Saul had the best young men in his army. One of them, David, would never oppose him. David married Saul’s daughter, and Saul’s oldest son, Jonathan, became David’s best friend.

What did Saul do wrong?Image result for god's rejection of saul

Saul had an inner weakness: he caved under pressure. He was impatient and offered sacrifices only a priest could do. He continued to disobey God, losing both Samuel and God’s support — and ultimately resulting in the loss of his crown (1 Samuel 15:23).

Saul slipped into despair as an evil spirit tormented him. He drove David away and fear gnawed at his soul until he was incapable of leading. He and his beloved son, Jonathan, were ultimately killed in battle.

 Why did Saul Fail?

The Bible reports the facts to us; the interpretation is up to us, as humans, to learn from. In essence, he cracked under pressure. He did not have the fortitude to obey God no matter what. He is the epitome of the worse kind of leader: not only one who destroys himself, but others along with him. Israel was left to David divided into two countries under Philistined domination.

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