Intercessory Prayer Requests

Hey all!

Happy Veterans’ Day!

Thank a veteran today for the freedoms we have, and the sacrifices they have endured for them.

Please leave your prayer requests here and praises if you have some. There is power in prayer so the more the merrier! You can also email me your requests at:

Mine: peace with the changes in my body and prayer for all those suffering or feeling alone during the holiday season.

Have a great week ahead and many blessings your way!

10 thoughts on “Intercessory Prayer Requests

  1. Bill Requests:

    Please pray for us. My fiancé has had a very hard life and I pray I can help improve the rest of our lives. She is a very good person. Please pray for God’s healing for us both.
    Thank you


  2. Frances Requests:

    Prayer for physical/emotional stress. Pray that my pain relief 27/7 constantly beginning on my left foot up my left side. This pain is due to surgery I had four years ago. Surgery should have never been performed. Be careful about the physicians you choose.


  3. Please pray for my son and daughter n laws salvation. They have one son, my grandson Lane who just turned one. I pray for him daily that he may grow to know the Lord. I live long distance and don’t get to see him much. My son and daughter in law make no attempt really to try to communicate with me. I dream of good relationships with them both but it’s been difficult when they don’t reciprocate. Thanks so much for this blog. It’s really encouraged me as I’m following along through BSF and people of the promised land.

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  4. Lee Ann Boone Requests:

    Prayers for God to give me the courage and wisdom in starting a satellite women’s group in western Kentucky next season. For Him to choose Murray, Benton or Paducah. For Him to give my heart peace during this journey and for all the glory pointing to Him..
    in Jesus name I ask humbly to bring BSF to this area,

    Lee Ann Boone


  5. Nanlop Requests:

    I’m thanking God for saving my family’s life from a disaster that would have consumed us all. God is mighty in battle.
    And pray with me for the Job I’ve been waiting, pray that God help me and favor be to be called soon.


  6. Mary Requests:

    Please pray for all those who lost homes and family members in California. Many churches were destroyed in Paradise California. My sister in law was just one of the many suffering and trying to piece back together their lives. Thanks

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  7. Forgiveness. I uplift a friend close to me and the negative influences he faces. Shed a strong light on hypocracy and give him the strength and knowledge to stand up against it. Give him true strength past that which he desires because it’s attractive to him. Help him to expel and see past those people and things holding him back and putting ties on the strength and prosperity of his future. Open his mind to the binds and ties of the devil. Bless him and put Your hand of grace, mercy and wisdom on him. Keep him level headed and humble despite success and riches. I pray for him to achieve all the success and prosperity he can handle and remain true in spirit, character and humility. Be with him and guid him to You in love and protection. I uplift a particular voice of darkness. Shed light in her heart that she will see past these falsehoods she believes and is spreading. Forgive her. Give be the opportunity and wisdom to be a voice of light and truth. Be with her heart in the trying times she’s going through. Her need to fall on a system of guidance is clear but she is choosing a veiled voice of Satan. Release her, give her light and strength. Be with me as I navigate my voice, presence and open opinion in these matters, when to speak up and when to stay silent and pray. I uplift the relationship between this man and I. Put us on the path to a living fruitful and dedicated marriage together. Keep us above all negativity, distractions, snares and ill intent. Open the eyes of those who may want to come between us. Show them the truth in love and the selfishness in the limited thinking. Expose false prophets and streams of information. Grow our love, depth and strength of communication and understanding and respect of and for one another. Open our hearts and minds to openly hearing one another. Give us stability and emotional stability. Bring respect strength, council, love, depth and a soundness to my voice. Help me to bring positive influence and keep my heart and mind in the right place to foster love and positive growth. Give me the words to speak to sound accurate, intelligent, knowledgeable and wise. So often I have a strong opinion but no input to put in words of any influence. Help me to be better about keeping my mouth closed when I don’t know full accurate details in a situation. Help me to recoup the shaky reputation I’ve established in some cases when I spoke with information I didn’t fully know to figure out things I wanted to know. Help me to share my truth in the right way at the right time. Help me to show strength, stability depth and wisdom. Help me to show glory to God in the right way and right time, as to now look foolish and shallow as so many do, claiming religion for clout, respect or personal comfort. I pray I can maintain depth and be positive, upbeat, inspiring, driven and putting energy in my goals and ambitions. Grow my comfort in myself and grow my ability to look past worries, fears and anxities that I so often get wrapped up in. Worry serves no purpose but to drive one to prayer. The presence of worry and anxiety is something I sometimes superstitiously hold to. I almost feel as if it’s vigilance, so I don’t commit to expelling it to be ‘aware’. Heal me and grow my mindset on this habit. I uplift an unspoken superstition. Help me to make the right decision in this situation. Give me the mindset to build and establish EJs respect. Help me to speak from a soundness and strength of mind. Help me to positively represent You and to navigate situations where I have confusion in my delivery. Give me the right mindset to be present,comfortable and positive in these situations. Help me to not be overcome with negative emotion that holds me down and dims my light. Help me to make the right decisions and not dim my light or positive influence through poor actions. Heal my social anxieties. Heal me of the wounds of my childhood, especially those that hold me back socially, and hurt my relationships. Help me to know when to follow and when to lead. Grow flourish and bless the relationship between EJ and I. Help me to shed light on certain perceived weeknesses that are actually strengths, and help him and I to grow in strength past our weeknesses, downfalls and adversities. Give us quality time together. Help us to pursue one another intentionally, without fear, hinderance oft fall back into negative thoughts. I separately uplift my family, their health, prosperity and wisdom. Help us to see past our differences and love one another despite differences of opinion or thought. Soften the blow of disagreement and help us to see where certain things are trivial. I uplift a number of friends and their individual situations. Help me to nourish and grow friendships. I uplift a marriage. Bless, heal and grow them. Let them be a positive example of a solid and fruitful and committed marriage. Let them show it can be done happily. Let them be blessed and show strength. Amen.

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