The Messiah in the Psalms

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Israelite kings and priests were anointed with oil when they took office. The “Anointed One” probably originally meant “king”. It came, however, to stand for much more. The Hebrew word is “masiah”, which became “Messiah” and translated into Greek as “Christos” or Christ.

Psalm 2 is understood in the New Testament as referring to Jesus — for no Old Testament king ever gained the control of nations implied here. This passage is quoted in the followed New Testament books:

  • Acts 4:25-26
  • Acts 13:33
  • Hebrews 1:5
  • Hebrews 5:5
  • Revelation 2:27
  • Revelation 12:5
  • Revelation 19:15

Psalm 110:1 is quoted by Jesus in Mark 12:35-37 to show the Messiah would not be merely a human military leader, as many Jews expected. When David refers to the coming King (his descendant) as “my Lord”, it proves he’s not strictly human — he’s part divine — because David would not be so respectful otherwise.

3 thoughts on “The Messiah in the Psalms

  1. I am reading through the Psalms for the 12th time on my way to reading through the Bible. I just finished my 11th time last week. I am a Christian, and born again, I just turned the computer on to check my stats. You are one of the ones who joined as a follower Thank you. I visited your site. It looks good, and insight about the Psalms is wisdom.

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