Daily Prayer for Strength

Hey all!

Prayer requests are back! Please leave your prayer requests here and praises if you have some. There is power in prayer so the more the merrier! You can also email me your requests at: atozmom.wordpress@gmail.com or post them in the comments below.

Mine: Praying for others.

God bless!


14 thoughts on “Daily Prayer for Strength

  1. I just love that you do this! So neat! I pray your Sunday would be filled with all good things and that your heart’s desires would be met by the God who loves you as you love others!! You might want to check out my blog post today especially for moms! 🙂

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  2. My prayer request is my sister was ambuted her leg I pray quick recovery and how to pay the bill after discharge,for she has been hospitalised this is the second month,thank you

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  3. Margaret Requests:

    My daughter married a man that everyone told her not too. Now he is emotionally and verbally attacking her. Please give her the strength to deal with this and leave,
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  4. Barbie Requests:
    Prayers please for clarity in knowing what to do regarding our retirement & possibly taking my mom (89y.o.) to live with us & when to do it.
    My daddy passed in March 2018 & my mom continues to live alone in their house which is too much for her to handle & is 2 hours from us.
    My mom is a very negative, pessimistic, unjoyful person. She always complains & sees the worst case scenario & that makes it very hard for us to “help” her.
    Please pray the LORD is clear to us about what we are to do to help her.

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  5. Marisol Requests:

    Prayer to be healed from anxious/nervous feelings when I drive, (I sometimes feel like I can’t breath) This is following an accident I witnessed 4 years ago. I love to drive – and need to for my daughter.

    Prayer for my brother Antonio who is about to start his second semester of community college after dropping out two years ago. He dropped out due to health/mental issues. So proud of him for returning to school.

    Praise – Our heavenly Father kept my daughter safe … after she grabbed my burning curling iron this past week. Besides a red mark, she was perfectly fine! I am still feeling awful – for leaving it on.

    Praise God for allowing me to find your blog – You are helping me really fulfill my first year with BSF. I am so thankful!!

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  6. Kathy Requests:

    God’s wisdom to know what’s next on God’s agenda for this displaced, retired widow/mother of grown children.

    I thought from Corrie ten Boom:

    Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.

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  7. We praise you, we worship you, we give you honor because you’re worthy. You’re our creator, protector and provider. You heal our diseases and you calm our storms. May your mighty name be glorified on earth and in heaven. We pray in Jesus’s name our Lord and savior .

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  8. Hello. My daughter is trying to transfer to another program in university and the admission person is bring very mean spirited with her. If it is Gods will fir Maddy to be in the Community Rehability and Disability Progrsm that He would make a spot for her. Thank Jesus


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