Breakthrough Prayer

Hey all!

Please leave your prayer requests here and praises if you have some. There is power in prayer so the more the merrier! You can also email me your requests at: or post them in the comments below.

Mine: God’s continued blessing. My calf strain.

God bless!

13 thoughts on “Breakthrough Prayer

  1. I praise the Lord for delivering my husband from a very scary Parkinsons event this past week. I’m thankful for Doctors who still treat the whole patient. I’m thankful for Friends who stand with you in a time of crisis. But most of all, I praise God for never leaving me alone in this struggle and giving me peace to make hard decisions.

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    1. Have a boss in my work place who is undermining me. Please. pray that I would not be distracted and wait for God to do justice for me.


  2. Shannon Requests:

    I have been praying for God’s intervention for my son. 2 weeks ago he reached out to my brother and is now in rehab. We go today for family week. I praise God for his goodness and care and protection. I ask for prayers to make this a week of healing and hope.


  3. Please pray for my blood sugar levels to come down where they should. I eat properly but still they run high. Also please pray for my husband’s back problems. and our best friend Sam who has trouble with his legs. Thank you for your prayers. “The prayers of a righteous man availeth much”

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  4. Gloria Requests:

    Pray for my church, pastor and my immediate family. That God will bind satan in the name of Jesus, protect us and cover us with the blood of Jesus. Bless us with total prosperity and to be a blessing.
    Gloria J


  5. Nanlop Requests:

    Hi, good day Ma’am. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. My Mom is much better now, may the LORD’S name be praise, please keep praying with me for God’s perfection.
    God bless you richly.


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