Worship Prayer

Hey all!

Please leave your prayer requests here and praises if you have some. There is power in prayer so the more the merrier! You can also email me your requests at: atozmom.wordpress@gmail.com or post them in the comments below.

Mine: God’s continued blessing. My calf strain. And I have injured my hands, so pray for quick healing. And for those struggling around the world with hardships and suffering.

God bless!

5 thoughts on “Worship Prayer

  1. Thanksgiving to God for provision of finances.
    Trusting God to open up my own business and the schooling of our daughter in a Christian school.
    For safe delivery of my wife’s pregnancy and provisions of the child thereof.
    I also look forward to the conclusion of land transaction that I entered into 2 years ago
    To buy a home in Nairobi the capital city

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  2. Mike Requests:
    We are but one of the 64 communities flood affected here in Nebraska. As a crew of volunteers cleared the 6 th load of flood destroyed office stuff i knew we were so blessed. About 30 minutes later they were back at the home across the street. That was when i acknowledged that angels were here , doing very ugly task for unknown peoples. Angel abound in many of the communities here. God is good, psalms 139 is a good focus as we go forward into the tomorrows ahead of we the flooded areas in the midwest.


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