6 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions People of the Promised Land 1: Lesson 27, Day 4: 1 Kings 8:11-21

  1. Two questions. Your thoughts please. What’s up with all the “you” questions and very few questions about what the Bible says.

    And Susie Rowan’s use of BSF members emails for her promotions. Is BSF now her ministry? This is a huge topic of why people are exiting. Thank you. M Curry


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    1. Agreed. The you questions are BSF’s new format moving forward to appeal to the younger generation. The real meat has been cut out now. I’m unsure about the emails as I haven’t received any. What’s she emailing about?


  2. I have only been in BSF for a short while, I have found I have greater in-depth study on my own than what transpires through these questions and in discusion time. Does anyone have an old lesson from years ago on People of the Promise Land, or other studies to compare “how the real meat has been cut out?”
    I noticed on this site you quote theologians. I said one in my study and got reprimanded that we can’t do that. I questioned that in the same hour of discusion it was okay to quote peronsal pastors, a proverb Grandma made up, and another person read Eugene Petterson commentary. I was told those were permissible because they pertained to the study. I rebuted so did mine. She later called and apologized. I have seen red flags this year.

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    1. It sounds like it was just your leader. These days, anything goes it seems, even personal stories that was the reason I joined BSF — to avoid. I don’t have an old study; however, the answers to Isaiah is on my site from 8 years ago. That may help as to how times have changed.


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