Simple Prayers

Hey all!

NOTE: This is the last prayer request for the summer break. Please leave your prayers here so we can continue to pray!

You can also email me your requests at: or post them in the comments below.

Mine: Have a wonderful summer with my kids and family.

Have a great summer!

God bless!

23 thoughts on “Simple Prayers

  1. Cindy Requests:

    Thank you for all you do to keep up your BSF study and sharing it with the world.

    If you could add a prayer onto your summer prayers:

    Please pray for our son Andrew and daughter in law, Kerianne. They lost a baby girl at 22 weeks, a twin they named Mary, but are still pregnant with her sister, Ginny.

    Thank you.

    God bless,

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  2. I enjoy your blog and it is very helpful. I would like to see your answers on your website for the next study Apostles of Acts. Can you provide your website please? Thank you

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  3. Camille Auci Requests:

    Please pray for right decision on results of CT scan for spinal stenosis surgery. If Dr. Michele Johnson in Atlanta, GA does perform my surgery, please pray God guides her skilled hands for a successful outcome. Thank you for your faith, your thoughts and your wisdom from. our Father on BFS. Regards, Camille Auci

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  4. Hello and Thank You !

    Please pray for my family to love the Lord, everyone seems to but not in their actions and behavioral habits. There has been many envy caused incidents, lack of caring for one another, distance emotionally. I personally have been praying for away that I can bring God and harmony into all our lives.

    God’s many Blessing to all,

    Thank You,


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  5. Joyce Requests:

    My is 89 years old, she lives in Maryland in a house she has been in for over 50 years, she doesn’t want to leave her home.
    I live in Northeast Florida in a Christian Continuing Care Retirement Community, her other 2 daughters live in Virginia and California.
    She has helpers come in sometimes, she is very weak, and very picky doesn’t like every person the agency sends out to help her.

    Praying she will change her mind and decide to move to the community I live in she could be in one of the assistant living facilities down the street from me. She would have more socialization, she has none now except for Doctors appointments, and PT.


  6. Hello,
    Please, I want you to help me pray to God for marital breakthrough to a God fearing man. That by the time we are returning from the summer break I will return with a testimony of divine connection. Thank you and may God continue to strengthen you.

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  7. Jean Requests:

    Prayer Request
    My name is Jean, BSF Holland, Michigan
    On Monday, May 13, I will be undergoing major surgery to correct a Hiatal Hernia.
    After undergoing a series of very invasive testing, the results show erosion of the esophagus as well as inflammation of the same.
    I know that the Great Physician is in full control and guides the surgeon.
    I have no fear and am at peace but I will still covet your prayers for the procedure, healing, solving the problem, and my husband.
    This winter, a photographer took the attached photo and it touched me so much that I attached the scripture verse. Yes, God tucks us under His wings of Mercy and protects us at all times.. especially when we are vulnerable.
    Thank you & Shalom


  8. Sue Requests:

    Please pray for healing of nerve damage after shingles. It’s been 5 weeks and I still can’t go back to work or do anything. It is so painful.


  9. N Thurman Requests:
    Please continue to pray for my husband and daughter’s health problems. They’re both having chemo/ radiation treatments. Thank you


  10. Victor Requests:
    Dear atozmom,
    Please pray for me that I focus my relationship with God as David did. Particularly to be able to praise and worship in prayer.
    Thank you.


  11. Susan Requests:

    Please pray for Jennifer and James Foster as they travel to Africa. May 18 – June 5th.
    Asking for Safety and Great Experiences.

    Thank you,


  12. Nanlop Requests:
    Hi Ma’am,
    I’m really grateful to you for your selfless sacrifice and your prayers. Am inspired through the study of the People of the Promise Land 1.
    The Lord Almighty bless and enlarge your territory.
    Also grateful for your prayers, my mom’s health is really improving.
    Pray with me for God’s favor for the Job I’ve been waiting for.
    Thank you and have a blessed Summer with your family.


  13. Marisol requests:
    Good morning, we just found out we are moving to a new city, about 2 hours south of where we are at right now.

    Prayers that we are able to find a home in a safe neighborhood, that my husband is surrounded with good people at his new job, people that will support and believe in his coaching techniques and that my anxiety remains minimal when driving.

    Praises .. We’re thankful for this new job opportunity, for my daughters health and for bringing people of God into my life this past year through this blog, bible study and friendships.

    Marisol Gonzalez Bligh

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  14. Forest Requests:

    I’m praying that the message I told somebody who works where i used to work to be told to Cindy that she needs to take away the thing and i want my job back is told to her and whether it has been told to her already or will be told to her that it permanently leads to the thing being taken away/reversed and me getting my job back no matter what all of this ASAP supernaturally, God make sure all of this happens no matter what supernaturally in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

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