2 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Acts Lesson 4, Day 4: Acts 5:17-42

  1. 8) One clear sign the religious leaders missed was the Holy Spirit (John 15:26-27). It is the power of God. The religious leaders were not accepting of the message, the Gospel, which caused them to miss the power of God.

    9 a) The apostles demonstrated their faith and love for God by being OBEDIENCE. They continued to proclaim the Good News despite their circumstances.
    b) Suffering produces endurance, which produces character which lead to hope. Even more important, we shared in Jesus Christ suffering, therefore, we will share in his glory.

    10) One shows love for Christ by being obedience, even if it means death. Never rely on your own understanding or strength but rather,
    empowerment from the Holy Spirit , who will enable you to speak up and not remain silent.

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