2 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Acts Lesson 17, Day 4: Acts 17

  1. I totally agree with the way BSFhas digressed into this topical study of the scriptures! Thank goodness I have my old notes from the last study we did in Acts! Even the notes have been watered down compared to the past . I feel like each week we are just skimming the surface.

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  2. Unfortunately, the Notes in the past few years are worse than simply “watered down.” Though that is true, now they are sometimes even incorrect, as some of this Acts 17 material is. What a tragedy; it is just a total lack on the part of the writers to do some research and historical digging. Here in Chap 17 notes for instance they completely misteach the Unknown God context, which is found during the time of the Plague of Athens 500 years before Paul arrived. See Bible.org and Deffinbaugh’s correct historical exposition. I was a Leader and CL for many years, but BSF has so devolved into topical and “what do YOU think,” stuff that it has lost its value. I don’t CARE what anyone thinks a text means, until they discover the Authorial and authorial intent, context, and the narrative’s part in the Metanarrative. How depressing that this once fantastic teaching ministry (pre-2004 or so) is basically corrupted into a “your truth may not be my truth” kind of program. If they would go back to the old, very old, study “Life and Letters of Paul” and mine some of that great stuff they would see how bad the new material is.


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