Start Dates For BSF’s Study of the Book of Genesis Fall 2020

Hey all!

It’s a tradition! Please let others know in the comments below when your BSF class begins, where, and if it is via Zoom or if you will be meeting online to start the study of Genesis.

Time is getting near!

God bless, and looking forward to it!

32 thoughts on “Start Dates For BSF’s Study of the Book of Genesis Fall 2020

  1. BSF classes in Melbourne, Australia started 2 weeks ago. Studies via zoom as we are still in lockdown. I am doing Genesis for the first time.

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  2. I am clueless for Holland, Michigan. Have heard nothing regarding who our class leaders are nor a start date. Are they even having Holland classes?

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  3. I follow the lessons with you here. Now that I have the notes and questions it will be much easier. I never get tired of Genesis,
    As I see the order throughout the universe I know that there is a designer. There is a God holding it all together. As we search for meaning, we can know that there is a God in control. 
    Genesis is the beginning of understanding what a powerful and Almighty God we have.
    Thank you for this blog Atoz.

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  4. Lexington, KY is starting back Sept. 16. Some will be starting back remotely By Zoom. Some will be having small groups , no more than 8 – 10 meet on back porches, decks, patios as long as the weather holds. We are staying with the same groups as we had last year. God has a Plan. May all be richly blessed this year as BSF begins a new year.

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  5. Mine started on 9/15 for Women, leader (me) in Livermore, CA, but International group with women in Kenya, Canada and throughout the U.S.

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