Summer Bible Study: WordGo’s Study of James: Week 1, Day 4: James 2:14-26:


Faith requires deeds, or for you to live out the teachings of the Bible through your actions. It does not good to wish someone to be well fed if they have no food. Abraham’s faith was shown in his willingness to sacrifice his son, Isaac, when asked to by God. Abraham was credited as righteous.

Rahab was credited as righteous when she sent the spies away. Faith without deeds is dead.


10) Since Christians are held to a higher standard, we are called to help others. You show your faith through your actions. Great reminder to be looking for ways to show God’s love always.

11) You can believe that God is real, but if you don’t show you believe it, it’s pointless. True faith is living as if Jesus will come again. Intellectural faith is where you don’t quite believe this in your heart.

12) I personally like the example of the brother or sister without food. We are called to help those in need, and this is a perfect example of how to help.


This is a popular bible passage to study, and BSF has referred to it in many of their studies. Basically, live out your faith. Don’t just call yourself a Christian; show you have God’s heart for others.

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