Summer Bible Study: WordGo’s Study of James: Week 2, Day 4: James 5:


James warns the rich that their wealth has rotted and the moths have eaten their clothes. Their gold and silver are corroded. They have lived on earth in luxury and indulgence and condemned and murdered innocent men.

He tells believers to be patient and stand firm for the Lord is coming. Don’t grumble against each other. Be patient like the prophets. Job persevered. The Lord is full of compassion and mercy. Don’t swear.

Pray for healing for prayer is powerful. Elijah prayed and the Lord answered. Save those who have wandered.


10) Too many ways to name. Those who are wealthy have power, and they do evil sometimes rather than good.

11) I love his example of Job who had the ultimate faith and perseverance. When I get down, remembering Job and all he suffered makes my sufferings inconsequential.

12) I love the prayer offered in faith and when you are in trouble or sick. God doesn’t answer if you don’t ask.


Lots of good nuggets and reminders here about how to live. Patience is one of those. Prayer is the other. Remembering those who came before us can give us perspective when we need it the most.

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